Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Times, Good Finds

Happy Monday to ya! Man alive, today is like the most gorgeous day here in Lancaster, PA. It's been in the mid-70s all day. My kinda weather, for sure. The boys have been outside most of the day. We cleaned their playhouse and now I've convinced them to take a "rest" out there. Although after hearing giggles and peeking outside the kitchen window, I see Ryder sliding down the slide in just his undies, of course, along with all the blankets I just laid out for them. And that right there is life with boys, folks.

Mitch took off from work today but is not enjoying the weather like the rest of us. He's actually under the weather and has been in bed all day thus far. Poor guy. He's achy, feels "weird", and is just plain tuckered out. So thankfully the boys have been cooperative and played outside so he can rest.

Anyway, this post isn't meant to be a "what's up with the Hertzlers" does have a point. I wanted to show you guys some recent finds I've scored. First up--this casserole dish. Yes, I very exciting.

I found the dish while out shopping in OBX with my sisters-in-law. It's a Terre d'Hautaniboul which meant absolutely nothing to me when I spotted it. I just liked it--the color, the shape, and I knew it was a quality piece since it had the words "hand made" and "made in France" stamped on the bottom of it. Well I researched it a bit and found this out: 

Exclusive handmade French Ceramic Terre d'Hautaniboul Gratin dish.  These marvellous gratin dishes are perfect for a vegetable or a baked dessert.  They are as practical as they are stunning -  from stove top or oven to your table, these dishes cook food beautifully.
Terre d'Hautaniboul is a small family-owned pottery workshop in the south of France.  Their pottery is handcrafted, hand glazed and fired at two different temperatures for resistance and quality.  Terre's ceramics are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe, and are easily cleaned - but should never be soaked.

Awesome. Another dish to add to my collection. When I first laid eyes on it, I could totally picture my baked oatmeal sittin' pretty in this humble little terracotta number along with a million other side dishes. It's an awesome piece. And the $4 price tag was too good to pass up especially since it's going for $160 here. Score, baby.

I've been going through a plant stand obsession lately. (Remember this little guy?) Plant stands are not a huge commitment in my book. They're small, versatile, and you can use them in any/all rooms of your house. So when I see one that catches my eye, I scoop it up (even if I don't have a specific place in mind for it). I got this antique one at a yard sale for $5 this past weekend. I'll probably use it in our family room (aka basement) as a small side table. Love it.

But the thing I'm most excited about are these

You.Guys. I've been wanting outdoor seating for like forever. But have you priced this stuff out lately? It's ridiculous! I got an email from Restoration Hardware the other day and jokingly told Mitch that we could now afford some outdoor seating since they were having a 50% off sale. Not even close. Still so stinkin' expensive! I've been keeping my eyes peeled at second hand shops, Craigslist, etc, but to no avail. Until, that is, this past Sat. at a yard sale (give it up for Terre Hill Days!) I found me some chairs. And I'm pretty dang excited about them. Like giddy excited. As soon as I spotted them, I asked Mitch if we could get them. He wasn't as excited as me.

They're in good shape. Need to be painted, but I'm so ready to pretty them up. I'm so stoked to finally have some place to sit in my yard. And they were only $15 for the set. And yes, I'm grinning from ear to ear right now.

Still trying to decide what color these should be. Hop on over to MLST's Facebook page and put in your two cents--I've gotten lots of great feedback thus far.

Don't you just love finding a bargain? gets me all kinds of jacked up when I see something that I love for only a few bucks. What have you scored lately?


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