Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby, I'm back!

Hey is there anybody still out there reading this here blog? Sheesh. I began feeling like the Vanderbilts going away on "summer holiday" at their quaint little summer cottage:

But then I realized that we aren't millionaires and the only reason we were able to spend two weeks away from home was that we were invited by other people to join them on their vacations. 

This past week we went to the Jersey shore and had a great time. The boys and I (along with my close friend, Karen) left for Ocean City Monday morning and Mitch joined us after work on Wednesday till Friday. The boys loved the water. And digging in the sand. And throwing sand at each other.

Not only was it fun to play in, but Finn thought the sand was tasty too.

This was one house that I would have loved to take a peek inside. I did manage to run up the walkway and snap a shot of their side door. Stalk much

I couldn't resist. That little crab door knocker sucked me right in. And the door was the prettiest shade of blue.

We did a little shopping on the boardwalk one evening and of course I had to visit the local thrift/consignment shops in town.

Ry was feeling pretty cool with his new $1 shades and posed for a few pictures with some friendly faces.

This wall of beaded necklaces were begging to be photographed. So their wish came true. (can you tell I'm tired?)

And of course I ate. And ate. And ate a bit more. Here's a Philly cheese steak that I realize looks pretty gross in the picture. And if I were being honest, I'd have to admit it wasn't the best I've ever had. Not even remotely close, actually. I still managed to wolf it down though. FYI, If you're in South Jersey, you must get a cheese steak. It's pretty much an unwritten/understood rule. 

So that was that. Our summer holidays away from home are over. We can't keep up with the V-bilts all summer long. But we did have a super fun time. It was a much needed getaway; a mental break from the computer (I seriously checked my blog like 2 times the entire time I was away). And now I'm ready to crank out some good posts for you guys to read. We have some pretty cool projects completed and in the works that I think you'll like. 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I'm happy you had such a special vacation...and low cost missed your blog, Tamara
    told me you were on vaca, then you posted and said
    you were off again, lol...welcome back...

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