Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Taste the Rainbow

This is what $20 will buy in my neck of the woods.

The strawberries were a "splurge" at $4/quart:)
But so so worth it...they're super sweet this time of year. I may even make another strawberry cream pie with some of them.

Time to dig in! (Although cowboy Ryder looks a little apprehensive!)

Bryce digs into the tomatoes first:)

Even Mr. Finn got in on the action with his little mesh thingy and some strawberries. 

Oh the sweet, sweet days of summer!
Enjoy them:)


  1. So jealous right now!!! Looks delicious!!

  2. Such pretty photographs! I love the tiny strawberries, they look more real than the giant ones we have around here. I bet they are even tastier...

    Thanks so much for visiting me!!

  3. Your photography skillz are rockin! Wish my girls would eat their veggies like that...


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