Friday, June 7, 2013

Boys' Bathroom: Demolition

So remember a while back when I had this amazing plan for the exterior of our little rancher? I was all gung-ho to get crackin' with that project. I had all my plants picked out and I was pumped. Well I have an update.

It's true. We busted up our walkway but then it stopped there. Crap. Gotta hate when that happens. Honestly, every time I looked outside at the amount of work to be done, I was super overwhelmed. This is one time when I totally wish we had an extra few grand in the bank to just pay someone to do it. So Project Front Landscape came to a screeching halt. The story doesn't end there though. Of course it doesn't...not when you live at our house. There was one other little project that stole our hearts and attention. And by little I mean a major gut and remodel job. Enter Project Boys' Bathroom.  I did a post on their bathroom a little while ago showing you guys my dream sink for their bathroom (the one that got away). Well I'm here today to give you an update of some changes/progress, etc.

First of all, let me tell you about the tub. In that first post about the boys' b-room, I told you that we were going to steal some space from Finn's closet on the other side of the bathroom to make way for a tub. Or what I like to call a little robbing-Peter-to-pay-Paul action. Okay, that was the first (and last) time I've ever called it that. Anyway, Finn doesn't need a huge closet. So we're going to minimize it by about half (that's a total guess). Here's his closet. (Actually this is a picture of when it was Ry's room, hence the bed. Same room, same closet though.)


Let me just show you what I mean instead of trying to explain (although you probably already understand). And yes, I realize that by showing you this next picture, it puts me in the "tech-y dork" category. Scratch that--"Tech-y dork with absolutely no artistic ability" category.

Do you guys understand my awesome drawing? We have a leftover cabinet from our kitchen renovation that I'm thinking we can put in Finn's closet as a built-in. Originally the cabinet was going to go in the mudroom as a "phone charging/dump-all-our-crap station" but we decided to put in a closet instead. Glad we changed our minds about that one. There will still be a bar to hang up clothes above the cabinet. And probably a shelf above that to store extra junk. It just makes better use of the space, don't ya think? I'm not even going to show you what his closet looks like now. Let's just say it's not being put to good use:) And Mitch wants to make a sliding barn-style door to hang in front of the closet.

Okay, anyway, about the tub...EEK! I'm excited about the tub! A few weeks ago, on MLST's FB page, I showed a picture of a tub I found on Craigslist and mentioned that I can't stop thinking about it. Well I got a lot of positive (excluding my brother-in-law who thinks we're making the worst mistake of our lives) feedback about said tub. 

While both Mitch and I are still not sure about the practicality of such a tub in a bathroom designed for three young boys (all I can think of is water everywhere), we decided to take the plunge (ha!) and give it a go. I think the deciding factor was that we like to mix things up/think outside the typical box/make things unique, so why not go for the beast of a tub? If we end up hating it, the worst thing would be to take it out and put in a built-in. We can probably still get what we put into it back (it was only $150) so we're really not that worried. Shoot, by that time Mitch'll be ready for another renovation. Um...right, Mitchell? It's in really good shape too. She'll clean right up with a fresh coat of paint on her exterior. (That back leg is just unscrewed--not broken) So we're excited plus a little apprehensive.

Here's the bathroom before demolition started--all cool, calm, and collected.

Let the mayhem begin!

You see that wood there? That's the back of Finn's cedar-lined closet. (now do you get my drawing??)

We're lining the walls with wood planks.

I love this picture of Bryce. "Not another project! I can't look!"

Another thing we got for their bathroom is a counter top for their vanity. Check it, yo.

We were walking around the ReStore one day and I spotted this beauty. It's made of some sort of stone. Wish I knew what. But it's beautiful and neutral and wait for it...only thirty bucks. Yep. Steal of the century. So we're thinking of getting vessel sinks kinda like my inspiration picture and mounting them to it. And as for the base cabinet, I saw this sink in the recent Pottery Barn catalog and I totally think Mitch could knock it off. It'd just be a double sink length. 

It reminds me of the side table Mitch built that's in our basement.

Can't ya see it? But ours will be topped with that beautiful stone.

Okay, well if you made it to the end, you deserve a gold star. I think that's all I got. The boys really cooperated with me today--all three of them are sleeping right now! Amazing, isn't it? Well hope you all have a great weekend. 

You can follow my boys' bathroom board on Pinterest to see what else is floatin' around this crazy head of mine:)


  1. I have no worries about you........ if you can handle that garage conversion, you can do anything :)

  2. I just showed Bill your master re-do and we both agree that with your talents it's going to be fabulous! On a side note, I knew a family with seven daughters and they had just one shower in their house. It was a claw foot tub with a curtain. I know boys are a little different, but they'll learn.

  3. I look forward to watching the bathroom redo. Wishing I had the guts to chop into walls and such! I totally understand the overwhelmed feeling on the exterior work. I have a back yard that I'm staring at. I don't know where to start and I don't even have a vision for it, so I'm not even as far along as you are. I know once you get into it though that it will turn out awesome.

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