Friday, May 17, 2013

Whaddya Live in a Barn??

My in-laws live next door to us, don't know if I ever told you guys that (and they read this here blog so try to suppress those Everybody Loves Raymond-esque comments;)). They live in an old farmhouse and also have a huge barn on their little five acre farmette. I was in the barn the other day (they sell random furniture pieces out of it) and noticed that a lot of the furniture was sold, which really opened up the place. I stood there and imagined a beautiful barn party. Not the kind where you swing your partner 'round and 'round (although that might be fun!), but a wedding reception or some sort of celebration which required a long farmhouse-style table stretched out to feed a crowd. I love that look! I don't know why I didn't think of it for OUR wedding reception (shoot, Mitch, why didn't we think of that?!) But anyway, I just wanted to show you guys the barn today and let your imaginations run wild with barn party ideas or even converting this space over into a house. Mitch and I have talked about that--how awesome would it be to live in a barn?!

So here's looking from the back of the barn to the front. This would make an awesome great room with massive cathedral ceilings. Beyond those two windows on the far side is an incredible view of the Lancaster County farmlands.

This is the view from where I was standing in the last picture...

And with the doors open facing yet more beautiful farmland. (Look at those beams!)

On the right hand side (beyond where that half wall is), that's the other third of the barn. Game room, perhaps? Craft room? Any kind of room you could imagine. Shoot, even a basketball court! Or a massive master bedroom:)

This is the other third of the barn. I can imagine this space as a huge dining room with that farmhouse-style table stretched out and a couple of lantern pendants hanging above.

With the kitchen tucked in this back corner.

Some bedrooms up here perhaps?

Can you imagine all the wood it'd take if you wanted to have a planked ceiling? Which of course I would;) That would look so awesome, wouldn't it? 

 View out the front

And the back

There's a door in the floor which I guess was used to throw hay into the lower level? I don't know...that's a total guess. My boys would have fun with that! Shoot, I'd have fun with that.

 These are steps going down to the lower level which is actually ground level also. This type of barn is called a bank barn and is accessible at ground level on two different stories since it's built into the side of a hill, or bank. So you got a whole other level to live in!

The backside of the barn

So what do you think? Could you live in a barn? Obviously I have the floor plan already laid out, so you know I'd be game. I wonder how much it would cost to finish a barn...can't be cheap!


  1. Mark and I have always talked about fixing up a barn to live in! It would be awesome........certainly not a cookie cutter house. :)


  2. If only we had the money to fix up our barns. Sadly, barns cost way more than houses to work on.

  3. I can totally see your vision as reality! And I'm loving that big weeping willow to the one side of the barn...

  4. wow, wish my barn looked like that! Did it ever house animals?
    Grace Livingston Hill wrote a book, the Enchanted Barn, about living in
    a barn, excellent story...

    1. I think it used to house cattle. Pretty sure. Maybe my MIL will chime in with the correct info if I'm off. I'll have to check out that book! Sounds enchanting;)

  5. Emily Barnes has a book about converting a barn and living in it. They called it Barnes Barn:). I read it many years ago and can't remember the name of it, but I'm sure you could find it on Amazon or at the library. I remember that she had some great ideas. If your in laws would be willing to give the barn to you, you should definitely go for it! It would make a beautiful home, especially with those great views!
    Sorry I'm not techie and will have to comment as anonymous.

  6. Okay, I found the book on Amazon, and the name is Welcome Home. Her first name is actually spelled Emilie. Hope this helps!

    1. Fun--I'll have to check it out. What's ironic is that my maiden name is Barnes:)

  7. What a beautiful barn! And barn weddings and receptions are highly requested. I love the idea of converting a barn into a home. I just love old barns. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

  8. I grew up in a converted dairy barn in Oregon. It was so much fun, the basement was the milking parlor and the hayloft was storage and a basketball court. 10,000 sq ft in all and about 2500 was finished living space. I wish that house was still in our family, we made the best memories in it!

    1. Wow...sounds so cool! I'm sure you had tons of fun growing up there. I'd love to be able to challenge Mitch to a game of PIG to see who does the dishes;)

  9. I LOVE barns. We had one very similar to this. God how I miss it. I think you should do it- renovate and move in! Live my dream. PLEASE!

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