Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, MTH!

Today is Mitch's 34th birthday. So today I just want to do a post about the big man himself, the man of the hour, another-hockey-championship-under-his-belt, DIY-getter-doner, father of three, and amazing husband: Mitchell T. So I'm going to give some reasons why I love this man. I'll try to keep it PG-rated.

#1. His interaction with the boys. Here's Mitch and the boyz in the hoodz (I'm all of a sudden gangsta) after he won his latest hockey tournament. I think this is like the 3rd or 4th year they've won it all. BOOM! That's how we Hertzlers roll! (okay the other teams were pretty bad. whatever.) Update: that sounded mean...I guess the other teams looked bad 'cause Mitch had 8 goals and 1 assist in 4 games...HE kinda made them look bad. Is that better, babe? ;)

Ryder wants to be just like his Daddy--as he goes speeding by.

This is Bryce telling Mitch a "secret." Recently I've been whispering things like, "I love you so much!" in their ears so now Bryce wants in on the action. He told Mitch, "I wanna whisper something in your eye." (he hasn't gotten that down yet) And proceeds to press his ear up to Mitch's and tell him a secret. I love that Mitch plays along.

He loves spending time with his boys. Even if it means squeezing onto one of their chairs.

And letting them "help" him mow the yard.

He also helps out every week at Awana at church. I love that he's so involved in their lives. Here they are dressed up for "Hobo Night" at Awana. Well everyone except Bryce. It's always a Thomas-kinda-day in his world.

Almost always, Finn sits on Mitch's lap when we're eating. He doesn't mind gobbling dinner down with a flailing kid on his lap.

#2. That he gives me breaks. Being a stay-at-home mom has its challenges, for sure. But Mitch is always willing to watch the boys and even encourages me to "go out for a while." Whether that's just a visit to my local GW, or a night out with the girls, he's very willing and more than able to watch all three of the boys. Even though for a while all Finn did when I went out was scream, Mitch had it under control. And I'm very thankful for a husband who lets me unwind from time to time.

#3. His willingness to do pretty much anything for me. I'm kinda crazy when it comes to projects floating around in my head. I share some of that crazy stuff with Mitch and rather than rolling his eyes at me, he dreams along with me and makes things happen. Even if it's holding a cabinet with one arm while trying to measure out exactly where it's supposed to go. "No, up another 1/2 inch, please!" Done. And with a smile. And in his sexy blue paint-splattered sweatpants.

#4. That's he's just as crazy about projects as I am. You'd think that after a major 3 year renovation, the guy would be ready for a break. Nope. He's now working on the outside of our house and his own space in the basement (he just finished building himself a couple work benches). He picked up these pallets at work the other day and tore them apart one by one.

I think he's planning on building the boys a small amusement park with all that wood.

#5. That he enjoys playing sports. Whether it's hockey or softball or the occasional basketball game, Mitch stays active by playing sports. And while his hockey games are late at night and we can hardly ever go to them (they START at 10:30), I enjoy watching my man play. And the boys love going to his games too. They actually watch him play! We're proud of him and like cheering him on.

#6. His hands. There's no denying Mitch has "man hands." There's nothing dainty about them. They're big, strong, callused, and I love them. I love how his wedding band looks on his finger. I love that he wears a wedding band. Gah...I just love everything about them. Okay, enough already. And yes, I just totally texted him and asked for a picture of his hand. 

#7. That we're dorks together. We get each other and our dumb jokes. No one else would laugh at my corny remarks but Mitch.

So happy birthday, to my BFF and DIY partner in crime. Thanks for all you do for your family. We love you so much and wish you a happy birthday, Mitchell Todd Hertzler!


  1. Happy Birthday Mitch! Hope it's a great one :) (You're right, he DOES have nice hands, lol!)

  2. Aww what a sweet post for your hubby. Happy Birthday Mitch!

  3. Well, aren't you the lucky gal-good husband, great father, DIY'er, and those hands. You know what they say about 'hands'. Bahahahaha

  4. Happy Belated Bday to your hubs! New to your blog and must say I'm a bit jealous. I'd LOVE to have only boys someday! I have a 2 year old right now and there's just nothing better than a mother-son bond. New follower!

    Two more days left in the May giveaway; A new blog design! Our Journey

  5. Such a cute family you’ve got and those are some nice and fun pictures you shared. They have made me smile a little. Your husband looks like a very caring dad and a loving life partner. Happy birthday Mitch! Congratulations for the wonderful surprise, I am sure he’ll love it.

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