Friday, May 10, 2013

Finn's Crib

So I've decided instead of waiting to do a room reveal to show you Finn's nursery, I'll show ya bits and pieces here and there. Of course I'll do a full room reveal once everything's done, but I thought you guys might like to see where we're at and progress shots along the way. I already showed you his changing table, so today say hello to his crib. 

This was Ryder and Bryce's crib; it just underwent a little makeover. This is what it used to look like. (you can tour Ry's nursery here)

I had our cabinetmaker spray the crib in my go-to color these days--Benjamin Moore Dragon's Breath. I'm seriously going wild with this paint color. The old crib color was nice but I wanted something a little more substantial and dare-I-say "grown up"? I know, sounds ridiculous for a baby's nursery! But I didn't want it too precious in there. Do you know what I mean? With having the pallet ceiling, I felt like I could do a more rustic grown-up style. I think the antique rug really helps tie things together too.

And no, this isn't Bryce's crib;) He's just helping by keeping Finn company.

I don't do themes in rooms, but it just happened to work out that I had a bunch of star things. The crib sheet is from Pottery Barn Kids. I love it. It matches Ryder and Bryce's sheets. (they have the red version) My friend got Finn the star blanket when he was born and the colors are just perfect for his room (thanks, Karen!). The bumper was one I bought at a consignment shop. It's from PB but had airplanes on it. I asked my MIL if she could sew some fabric to it to cover up the decals--and now we have a perfect neutral bumper. (she sewed the linen-like fabric that you see on the front side.) The Roman blind (which looks kinda wonky in these pics...sorry) was made by Melissa from Windows by Melissa. I got two of them on clearance for a great price. I think they look great in this room and also help tie in that "grown up" look.

This is the first mobile any of my boys have had. I made it out of a basket handle. The basket was old and the webbing was coming apart. I really liked the handle part and I thought it'd make a cute mobile. The items dangling from the baker's twine are salt dough ornaments that the boys and I made. There are stars, hearts, and house-shaped ornaments.

This is Finn's view:)

There's not too much left to do in there--that's the good thing about having all boys:) Things to do yet in Finn's nursery:
  • Paint and install hanging bookshelf
  • Slipcover chair/ottoman
  • Replace broken blade on ceiling fan
  • Organize closet space
Hope you enjoyed the peek into our little guy's room. More to come soon! Have a great weekend.


  1. That crib color is awesome and the mobile is adorable. I love how it's all coming together!

  2. What a wonderful room full your love and talent! Lucky boy!

  3. Loving this room so far. That ceiling looks great! I think I will copy you on the mobile idea. I haven't found anything that I can't live without and Eric says the baby has to have a mobile. So glad that bumper worked out, good job on coming up with a clever way to cover the pattern. Oh and Bryce looks JUST like you in that picture of him in the crib!

  4. Hi, I have a question: When your cabinet maker spray painted the crib had you sanded it down beforehand? Also did he put it together and then spray painted it or laid each piece down and then sprayed?? I'm planning on painting my old crib from my first set of kids for the new baby and I want to make sure it gets done properly. Thanks.
    Btw, I LOVE your blog and all the work you've done on your home. Hubby and I will be renovating our little 3/2 Florida ranch this year hopefully and what you've done with your house has truly inspired us!

    1. Hi there! I didn't bother sanding the crib since my cabinet maker is a professional and has the right equipment for painting it. I think if I were doing it myself, I would prime it first, then spray it. Either that or paint then put poly on top. We did have it broken down when we dropped it off, so I would recommend doing that--it's probably easier to get to everything that way.

      And thanks for your kind words! So glad we're an inspiration:) We're actually down in FL right now visiting my parents. They live in Weeki Wachi, which is near Tampa/Clearwater. We're loving the warm weather!


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