Monday, April 15, 2013

The One that Got Away

Remember when I posted about Bryce flushing his train down the toilet? (wow...that was almost two months ago) Well we've been without a toilet in that bathroom ever since. It's been a lot of fun...the boys using our bathroom all the time with all their bath toys scattered around, toilet seat up permanently, and toilet remaining unflushed (unless I "gently" remind them to flush when they're done). Actually it hasn't been that bad. We've lived with one bathroom for this long. At least the boys can use their sink to brush their teeth, so their Thomas and Lighning McQueen toothbrushes stay put in their bathroom. Can't deal with that nonsense.

After their toilet was out of commission, I really wasn't in a hurry to replace it right away. I was secretly hoping we could just start fresh in there. Why replace just the toilet when you want to redo the whole shebang, right? (you can see how it looks in there currently here) I may have mentioned something in passing to Mitch about it, but I definitely didn't push anything, considering we're just about done wrapping up a three-year reno in the rest of the house. So as I was casually perusing Pinterest, I kept seeing images of bathrooms (like this one) that had the same layout as ours, but these bathrooms all had a tub (ours only has a shower stall).  So my wheels were spinnin'. As I was sitting in Finn's nursery one day (which is on the other side of the b-room), I was looking at his closet. I thought, "Man, that's a pretty decent-sized closet for a little babe." Especially since now he has a huge dresser that I can fill with his clothes. I'm not a huge fan of closets anyway...they're space suckers if they're not laid out appropriately. So my brilliant mind thought, "Shoot...why don't we steal a little space from Finn's closet and put a tub in their bathroom?!" Great idea, wasn't it? I mentioned it to Mitch (again in passing, 'cause I didn't want to overwhelm him) and several days later he mentioned how he thought it was a great idea and he's been thinking about that bathroom ever since. So now Mitch is totally wanting to gut the whole room and start fresh! 

So I say all that to say this: I was looking on Craigslist for some bathroom stuff (we got all our bathroom items off there for the master bath) and I saw this picture.

I was pretty pumped. You see, this is one image I had pinned on my "Boys' Bathroom Board."

Same exact sink. It's called a trough sink. And isn't it the PERFECTEST (that's right...former grammar teacher here) sink for three boys? I mean really. So I contacted the seller right away (she lived in North Jersey) and she contacted me back almost right away and said it was sold. Crap. Seriously she was selling the sink, faucets, everything for a FRACTION of what this puppy normally goes for. Gotta hate when that happens. So I'm pretty sure I'll never find one on CL again so I came up with a mood board of sorts so we know which direction we're going in there. (and I included my trough sink just in case there was ever a chance)

It all starts with a barn door. We'll remove the door that's there, freeing up space inside the bathroom and then we'll DIY a barn door. Then we'll tear out the linen closet to make room for a double (maybe triple?) sink. We'll remove the shower stall, open up part of Finn's closet to make way for a tub and Mitch will then tile the surrounding walls in the tub area (with subway, of course). We'll rip up the tile that's currently on the floor (cheapy ceramic 12" ones) and install the same flooring that we have in pretty much the rest of the house (vinyl planks). Add some wide wood planks (possibly painted dark) to the walls, get some fun rustic-looking lighting, and BAM! there ya have it: our new boys' bathroom! Sounds easy, right? Actually it does sound very involved after writing all the steps out there, but Mitch is seriously ready to tear into it. Love that man. We're hung up on one little thing: I don't want to start this project yet. Ya see, I REALLY want to work on the outside of our house (i.e. landscaping) but Mitch isn't as happy/willing to jump into that project yet:/ not sure who's gonna win this battle (who am I kidding...we all know who's gonna win;)) 

I'll show you guys later this week what I have up my sleeve for the exterior of our house...EEK! I'm excited!! 



  1. When you guys get ready, I'm sure the boys bathroom will look awesome!

  2. That trough sink would be awesome but I love your inspiration board even without it! This is going to be great--Go Mitch!


  3. You can get one of those fabu large ass sinks at a reno/recycling place OR a restaurant supply company. That's where Ben and I got one for a house a while back. I LOVE THEM!!!!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Cheryl! I'll definitely be keeping my eye open for one. Restaurant supply store...who woulda thought?

  4. Such a sad bummer on that sink. I've redesigned my parents lake house and one of the bathroom plans looks very similar to your plan! Great minds. Those sinks are just too cool especially for boys.

  5. Oh my GOSH!!! Too bad that one got away. Why in the world would anyone sell it?

    On the other hand, the one with the three sinks ALMOST made my top five. I love it that much. And I think I pinned it from you.

    You use the word nonsense too? It's my favorite adjective when describing any of my kids' behavior.

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