Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No Play for Mr. Gray

This post has nothing to do with this:

But since I stole their slogan, let's just mention the ridiculousness of those commercials. Seriously, can you get any cheesier? Whenever one comes on, I have to stop what I'm doing and watch it. They suck me in every time with their corny acting. Then Mitch and I die laughing. It never gets old. Just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, here ya go.

Okay, now we can move on. So here's what this post is about.

Can't you see the connection? Okay, hold on...you will.

So I got this dresser a couple years ago. Let me tell you the story 'cause it gives me chills just thinking about it. Mitch was away in TX at the final four tournament (read about it here...this was Mitch's first post!) and I found this dresser on Craigslist. Me, being the somewhat determined person that I am, decided I needed it. Right then. So I hauled my two little boys into my father-in-law's truck and drove over an hour away to some random dude's house. Ugh...this is where I thank God practically every day nothing happened to us...he takes us down into his basement (!) to show us this dresser. At that point I was just ready to high-tail it outta there but of course Bryce had to pee so I had to ask this guy if I could use his bathroom. As Bryce is using the facilities, I'm thinking to myself, "Man...what was I thinking?!" So anyway, the guy and I loaded this thing into the truck, I paid him the $20 he was asking, and peeled outta his creepy alley of a driveway (which shoulda been my first clue:/). Sheesh...man. And yes, I've learned my lesson: always, ALWAYS offer $5 less than what they're asking...I mean...um...

Gosh, where am I going with all this? Just for Men...creepy guys' basements...having to pee...

So a couple weeks ago we dragged this puppy outside on the deck and I got busy. First I wiped it down, then sanded everything. The top of the dresser was in pretty rough shape so I had to break out the wood filler and slap that on. Then I sanded that down till it was smoother than Finn's fanny.

Mitch removed the hardware (which was a major selling-point for me...love the campaign-like style) and polished it. Sounds easy but it took him forever. These pulls are solid brass and were pretty tarnished. We used Brasso on them and they really brightened up a lot.

Now here's the connection with the Just for Men...I painted it gray! Get it? Gray?? Okay, that was a stretch, but I had to reference my favorite commercial and current favorite saying now that Mitch and I are sportin' some stray grays:/

Update: The color of the dresser is Benjamin Moore Dragon's Breath. I can't get enough of this color! Finn's crib is also painted with it (I'll show that to you soon) as well as all our interior doors and trim in the master bedroom. 

Update #2: Yes, I primed before I painted...totally left that step out--sorry! I used Kilz primer, just rolled it on. Took no time at all. Then I covered with two coats of the Ben Moore paint. If you prime before you paint, there's no need to seal with a top coat of polyurethane, unless you don't like the finish of paint you used. Since the paint was in a satin finish (some sheen), I didn't feel the need to cover with poly.

Anyway, here it is all done up. 
(We have to fix the pull on the top left...the inside latch broke off)

It's Finn's new changing table.

No play for Mr. Gray? Psshh...this guy's gettin' plenty of action now. 

Not too shabby, eh? Now I'm off to color my hair. Not even joking...totally picked up some hair dye today at the store.

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  1. The new color really makes the brass corners pop! Love it!

  2. It's a beauty and I LOVE that red cabinet! That is one awesome nursery.

  3. It looks great! Your story of the creepy basement gave me chills! How scary!

  4. It looks great! What brand of paint did you use?

    1. Shoot...in my excitement to show you the finished product, I forgot to tell you what color I chose! It's Ben Moore Dragon's Breath, which has been my go-to color lately. I'll go up and include it now in the post--thanks!

    2. Do you find that it stays on really nice? I have been painting a book shelf and just barely hit is with something and the paint peeled right off. Also, do you finish it off with any type of sealer?

    3. Okay...just noticed I skipped telling you about another step--priming. Ugh...I'm the worst blogger ever. I primed it with Kilz then 2 coats of BM paint. Since I primed it, the paint doesn't peel off. Otherwise, I'd prob be able to scrape it off with my fingernail. I didn't seal it with anything since I used a satin finish paint. You could paint then cover with a coat of poly but I try not to break out the poly too often...it's sticky and smelly. I'd rather prime first. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. I love that you made the leap between paint and hair color in this post :) Those commercials are so enjoyable TERRIBLE! HA! But, your dresser is so enjoyable gorgeous - great job! I seriously love those handles. Glad you kept them.

  6. I was just thinking I should offer to babysit while you help yourself to some DIY stuff waiting for me in the barn.

  7. Love! Gray and red are so timeless and I adore it in your space, especially with that awesome ceiling.

  8. What a score and what a transformation! That gray paint really makes the beautiful hardware such a feature. And so much additional storage! Glad creepy guy was harmless too...Yikes.


  9. Those knobs/pulls/whatchamacallits are awesome!

  10. I so enjoyed this post- informative, funny, DIY (which I LUV), clever repurposing, am mad for Gray/Grey (what IS the difference?), photo's are great, inspiring project, brave, determined.... need I say more?

  11. I love this post Kat - you keep it real & crack me up! I am IN LOVE with this dresser! The hardware, the color - it's my cup of tea. :) Love the cabinet above and the way you are using it. As always....awesome job!


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