Thursday, April 25, 2013

Next on the List: Playroom

So we're breakin' ground on the outdoor project(s) this weekend. Literally. Mitch is going to bring home a jack hammer from work tomorrow (if he remembers, he says. I'll be sure to remind him 27 times throughout the day) I'm so ready to bust up that concrete walkway. Well I'm not gonna be doing the know what I mean. I'll be sure to fill up his glass with some ice water and pull some weeds as he's getting all dirty with concrete dust. Eek! Can't wait. If you don't follow MLST on FB, now would be a good time;) I'll be posting pics on there regularly.

In other news...I'm totally ready to redo our basement. Now before you roll your eyes at me...there's a reason we need to redo it. (Okay, quick recap for those just joining MLST--before we renovated our garage, we finished our basement. Go here to read/see all about that.) Our basement is divided up into two zones: the tv zone and office zone. Well I have a table down there with all my "stuff" on it. Yeah, I never use it. Ever.

So it's time to move that puppy out and make way for the boys' stuff. So here's the plan: turn the office side of our finished basement into a play area for the boys. Well, Mitch's desk will still be there. He still uses his computer for stuff. So let me show you some inspiration pictures of what I have in mind for their space. You can find all these on my "Play room" board on Pinterest.

There will be a nice big craft table. Ryder loves doing crafts and I try to encourage him to channel his energy into doing something constructive, rather than pegging Bryce with a golf ball. We actually are going to cut the legs down on a dining table we have. And we have four little chairs to go around. I love covering a table with craft paper, like this one shown. It makes for an easy, simple tablecloth that you just throw away when dirty. It's fun to color on too. Perfect for a kids' space.

We'll also have Bryce's train table set up too. So those two tables might be parallel to each other depending on how much space we have. Can you picture that? Kinda like this picture below--with the craft table pushed over to one side and instead of random crap thrown in the middle of the room, there will be a train table.

We'll incorporate a chalkboard in the space. We have plenty of wall space to use up and we have a set of three green chalkboards (they're currently on an easel) that I'd like Mitch to make a huge frame for. 

I like the idea of a cork strip above the chalkboard on which to hang art.

For storage, there's a built-in bookshelf already down there, along with another freestanding one. I have an Ikea bookshelf that's currently in our living room that I could use down there too. I could make it all cute like this one.

I need to get some boxes to keep things organized. Since you know how organized I am:/ (it really does help if you have pretty boxes/baskets to throw stuff in...makes for easy cleanup)

And a fun piece--an old record cabinet that will house Ryder's assortment of colorful construction paper. It kinda looks like this one. I'm thinking of painting it...we'll see.

I've been saving glass jars to use for storage of odd and end craft stuff. Love this look!

So that's it: one of our next projects. I would like to have this done before Ryder gets out of school for the summer. We're going to need the extra space to keep them busy. Oh man...can't wait for summer. 


  1. I LOVE every picture. It's going to be fabulous!

  2. I love the wall color from the first photo, but you probably would need a lot of natural light so it isn't too dark. How is your light situation in the basement?? Having that space for the boys is such a nice to have!! Love the last photo, too! Cute idea.

  3. YOu are so fortunate to have this extra space for the kids! I am sure it will get lots of use. That second picture is so cool, I would love a space like that for myself. One of my fav playrooms is from Nine and Sixteen.
    It works good for a nice living but still play space.

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