Friday, April 12, 2013


Hey there! I feel like it's been a while. It has been hard on my end juggling everything lately. I wish I could blog every day but the fact is: I can't. Don't have time for it. Blogging is definitely a creative outlet for me. I love writing about/showing you our projects, blabbing on about nothing in particular, sharing recipes with you, and showing you glimpses into our everyday life as a family with three little ones in tow. But it's just hard trying to fit everything in every day. Dang it! Really hard. It's pretty much a blog post or dinner--which one ya want, family?? Yeah, believe it or not, they'd rather have dinner:/ So today is going to be a dumping ground of sorts to fill ya in on the happenings here in our world.

First of all Spring has definitely sprung! I'm loving all the daffodils outside. I had to snap a picture of these little baby ones...they're so stinkin' cute.

A little while ago we had a yummy lunch--mostly finger food stuff. And it was so pretty setting out there on the table that I had to snap a pic of it. Fresh salad, cheese, grapes, chicken on the grill, and skillet cookie. Easy and delicious. btw, I'm so glad my boys eat salad. Seriously. They gobble up the mushrooms and all. When I was their age, I didn't even know what a mushroom was! So thankful for non-picky eaters. Oh, let me tell ya something--the other day at Bible school, the boys both made vegetable soup from scratch in their classes and they both were the only ones to eat the soup. Ryder even had three bowls. Love it. Way to go, Hertzler boys!

Mitch started cleaning out the unfinished side of the basement and pulled out all these doors. We then had a nice bonfire;) (Don't worry--they were all hollow-core pieces of junk that either had holes in them or mildew growing on them.) Mitch is excited to finally have a place to work on projects. He is in the process of building a workbench/station where he can organize all his boy stuff. Like tools. And hockey posters. Ya know.

I made this beef stew for dinner last week and it was bangin'. I was really craving some BS (beef stew, people...come on) after I posted about that Dutch oven the other day. I used this one from Ina. Delish.

I also made a peanut butter pie for Easter. Recipe coming!

As far as Finn's room goes--it's coming along. We worked on his dresser on Sat. I sanded, primed, and painted that sucker and Mitch polished the hardware. I think Mitch's job took longer than all three of mine. He was scrubbin' away, then finally decided to soak the solid brass pulls in Brasso and that helped a lot. I love how they turned out. I think in this picture, about half of them are done. It's kinda hard to tell with the camera flash...sorry. But Finn's dresser is all but done. One of those round pulls was broken so Mitch is in repair mode currently. All the others are installed and it looks pretty dang good. Can't wait to show you guys.

Some exciting news for ya--our pallet ceiling project was recently featured in a book. Isn't that cool? (You can view the pallet ceiling project here.)

This is the book it's in--it's all about pallet projects. Pretty cool stuff in there. You should check it out. I think they sell the books at Lowe's or Home Depot or of course on-line.

Okay, I think that about covers it. Man, that was a dumping ground, wasn't it? Hopefully I'll have some bangin' posts next week for ya.

What have you been up to lately? Are you having a hard time juggling everything too? Make anything yummy lately? Hope you all have a great weekend! Oh and check out this post Mitch wrote over at DadCrowd Blog today. You'll enjoy it. It's not a dumping ground. I promise.


  1. Such a fun update! Congrats on having your ceiling featured in a book - so exciting! And, that PB pie looks amazing.

  2. I totally understand the time thing. I agree that dinner comes first. That's what I feel it comes down to for me too,dinner always wins. And you have been making some good food. That beef stew looks delicious. Can't wait wait for that PB Pie receipe. How cool that you have been featured in a book. Looking forward to seeing Finn's dresser btw I love his name.

  3. What a fun update! And I feel your pain. Love the pics and can't wait to see one of Finn's dresser. LOVE the hardware.


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