Monday, April 29, 2013

I'ma Gonna Let it Shine

Hey guys. Hope you had a great weekend. Just wanted to show you my cute little new-to-me lamp I got on Saturday at a thrift store. 

I LOVE lamps in the kitchen. I think they make it look really homey and warm. I already have two in my kitchen and thought I could use another one on my island (Mitch put an outlet in there when the island was installed--which is awesome. Seriously, if you ever put an island in your kitchen, definitely add an outlet if you can).

Isn't it such a cute little guy? The base kinda reminds me of an old potato masher.

Can ya see it?
So how fitting its new home is in a kitchen:)

I also added a woven basket next to my stove after I saw this pin. I wanted my basket to be shallow so I could easily reach in and out of it. I originally asked Mitch if he could make me a little wooden box (and he still may) then I remembered I had this basket (it's from Pampered Chef when they used to make baskets). It's the perfect size. BTW, I love that chopping board there next to the lamp. (wow...this is turning into a random post:/) I got it at a yard sale a couple years ago. I actually got two and gave one to my mom. I just recently found out she got rid of hers! I guess she never used it. Sheesh, I wish I would have known 'cause I use mine EVERY DAY and could always make room for another. So that's today's lesson, boys and girls: don't share your yard sale finds. Oh well. I just saw a board like mine in the recent Crate and Barrel magazine here...that's what made me think of it.

All right, back to the basket...I put things in it that I use often so I can easily access them as I'm cooking. I'm sure I'll add more utensils as I see fit but those are ones that I for sure use daily. (I picked up that old wooden fork and spoon this weekend too...pretty sure they're handmade.) Also included in the basket is my salt container that Mitch recently got me (it was on my Christmas wish list). It's filled with Celtic Sea salt (which everyone should be eating since it's really good for can read more about its benefits here. I pick mine up from my local health food store.) Next to the salt is my pepper mill, a dish to rest my spoon, and local honey.

I wanted to show you this picture so you could see all the light I get in my home. I love it. That's one reason I love our house so much. The window to the far right is our front door that I mentioned here. I love that I can be cooking at my island and looking out my front windows. 

This is my view. (wish I could photoshop that pole out of the don't seem to notice it in person as much as in a picture. Oh well, I still love my view.)

And across the field is the cutest little log cabin. I'll have to take a close up of it someday to show you guys...but it's so cute.

Anyway...just thought I'd share that with ya. 

Have you been thrifting lately? I'm excited about this weekend. There's a big development yard sale where my parents live and we may also be going to a local antique market. (The theme this weekend at the market is cast iron, so I may find me an old seasoned skillet!)

So what have you scored lately?


  1. hey kat, cute lamp, love the tray idea also. which thrift store do yiu prefer? where is the bug yard sale? have a good monday,
    nicole h.

  2. um...big yard sale...not bug...thanks...i am holding a sleeping baby and my typing is hunt and peck...

    1. Ha! Oh I understand the typing with a baby on your lap thing;) I enjoy pretty much any thrift store. The ones I hit up on a pretty regular basis are the ReUzit in NH, GW in EE, and there's one in H-brook that I like. But I'm not afraid to visit any/all:) And the yard sale on Sat is in Lititz (Brighton development). It's a good one. Last year I got a Weber gas grill for $5!

  3. Oh thanks for the farm land pictures, I'm so missing visiting Tamara, but Roger is so busy at work he can't get away for a while....I'll just sit here and stare and dream...oh, love your lamp and basket and now wonder you said you could never work in my kitchen, lol...

  4. Replies
    1. Hope you come down for a visit soon, Judi! It'd be great seeing you again:) I'd like to see Mitch in your kitchen...would he even fit?? ;)

  5. If you are looking for another big development yard sale, ours is on the 11th and a bunch of other places nearby also have sales. ;)


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