Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I know Easter was like a week and a half ago but I still wanted to share some photos of the holiday here on the blog. This is more for me to look back on and remember what we did/how we celebrated. So excuse me as I plaster pics of my kids all over this post:)

First thing upon waking, the boys went through their baskets. We didn't give them much candy as we try to limit the amount of sugar in their diet, so I filled their baskets with fruit snacks, nuts, stickers, and some other craft items. They loved their baskets.

Mitch "hiding" the eggs.

I told Bryce not to peek while Daddy was outside hiding the eggs so here he is closing his eyes. I thought it was so cute and funny. Bryce is the family funny man, if you haven't picked up on that yet;)

Next was breakfast. Looks like Bryce is the only one ready to get his grub on!

 I made a quiche the night before and popped it in the oven that morning. And also a coffee cake. And a special treat: sparkling grape juice.

Finn was excited to be sitting with everyone. (And yes, it's impossible to keep socks on babies.)

He loves sitting at the table with us and watching his big brothers entertain him.

After breakfast it was egg hunt time! It was freezing cold that morning so the boys were really bundled up. They had a blast searching for eggs. This was the first time we had a hunt here at our house. It was the first of many, I'm sure.

Opening eggs

Then everybody got dressed for church.

Fun times. Hope you all had a very happy Easter! 


  1. I'm so glad you decided to post this a few weeks late- how wonderful! Looks like you all had such a memory filled day. Makes me remember those days with our young children. The food looks delicious (can I come next year?). Funny story- when our son was little, he had a REALLY hard time getting his head around the idea that a giant Easter rabbit would come into our house and fill up a basket. Just terrified him! So.. we began locking the door together at night, after having left the empty basket on the front porch. The next morning he would gather his treasures there. Viola! Problem solved. At 27 years old he still thinks this makes sense. Hahahah


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