Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pinterest & Paper

Hey, just wanted to show you guys something my awesome husband did today for my blog. He's the best. I'm glad he's so tech-y 'cause I usually have no clue how to do stuff like this. Although, I must admit, I am getting better at it. So now when you want to pin a pic from off my blog, all you need to do is hover over said pic with your mouse then this "Pin it" icon will appear then you can do your thang. Super easy. So now start pinnin' away, peeps! Oh and if you want to follow any/all of my Pinterest boards, you can find them here.

In other news, my Dad is here today installing paper in our bathroom linen closet. I'm so excited. 

I love the surprise of a papered interior. It's something you totally don't expect. The wallpaper is a vintage Schmacher print that's a soft greenish blue with metallic stars. Love it. And maybe, just maybe it'll be the motivation I need to keep things tidy in there. I wouldn't count on it though:/

Just a quick post today. Hope you're having a great day!


  1. Just a quick post- but so lovely! Especially the linen closet papered- so unexpected and motivating I'm sure. Now, don't forget to tie all your sheet sets up with ribbon! Ya know what would be fun- after you get yours all organized, we should get a group of bloggers together to show the inside of their linen closets- sort of like the inside of a purse can tell you a lot about a person! (I think my comment is longer then your post)

  2. I've got some major blog catching up to do so I'm about to flood the comments! ha! I can't wait to see how that cabinet turns out. Where did you get the paper?


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