Friday, March 15, 2013

Mitch's Randoms

Random from my past

I am sure that many of you who don’t know me and have seen pictures of me have questioned whether I played basketball. The answer is even though hockey is my first love, yes, I did play b-ball in high school and college. I did not start playing until I was 16, but when we moved from Canada to Pennsylvania, it was obviously assumed by all the locals that this new 6’11’’ kid must be a superstar. Of course I did dominate my small Christian school competition for three years, go TVBA Pioneers! (Side note: both Kat and I were the school MVPs during the 96-97 season. Why else do you think I married her?) It really wasn’t until I went to college at Pensacola Christian College that I really learned how to play the game.

Anyway, during the Christmas break, our college basketball team would go on a 3 week road trip all over Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and into Tennessee. Those trips were always huge highlights for the team. It was during one of those trips that my team was eating at a food court in a mall somewhere. We were goofing around and I think I threw some of my fries at some of the other guys at another table. Well anyway, a few minutes later I feel this tap on my shoulder. Thinking that it was gonna be some enraged sanitation person cursing me out for throwing food on their floor, I reluctantly turned around. Instead it was these two ladies. The one lady said to me, “We were sitting at a table over there and the Lord told me to come over and tell you that you have a music ministry ahead of you.” Talk about random and unexpected. I mean my singing ability is okay and all, but I don’t know how to play any instruments or anything. I don’t even know how I reacted other than like “Okay, thanks lady.” Then she walked away. Now I did sing in my church worship team for a few years so who knows. Other than that, here I am 11 years later and still waiting for my music career to take off.

Actually, after looking at this picture, it already looks like I was singing before I threw down that alley-oop.

Random #2

I love YouTube especially for the kids. It is so convenient and you seriously can find pretty much anything on there. Most of the videos that I watch with my kids are cute, fun, or whatever, but some…are nauseatingly torturous. Last night Bryce was watching these nursery rhymes for like an hour. Here is an example. It may not seem so bad at first but try watching the whole thing without twitching and going cross-eyed.

Come on people, at least use someone who can carry a tune. I mean I am right here, ready for my music career. The part that I don’t get about this video is that after this fat guy falls off the wall, the king's men best plan to put him back together again is smack him in the head with their sticks.

Random #3

I find it funny that my 2 older boys already change the words you or do to the word poo and heart to fart in songs. It comes out like, “And I will always love poo ” or “You are here in my fart and my fart will go on and on. ” Also, a frequent question from Bryce lately is “Dad, what are you pooing?” I am a typical guy and totally did that all the time as a kid in songs. Who am I kidding, I still do that. Don’t judge me, I am sure you are weird too.

Random #4

My dad has been a pastor or associate pastor for many years. When that recently came to an end, my mom came up with the idea of him working where I work a few days a week. When you think of most 69 year olds, I am sure you don’t think of them performing much manual labor. Well my dad is definitely not like most 69 year olds. He works 2 days a week on an assembly line and I have never walked past him where he doesn’t have a smile on his face. He really is an amazing person and an encouragement to everyone he is around. I look forward to the days that he works.

Final Random

Lastly, along the lines of Jillian’s butt revealing outfit from yesterday, I leave you with “pantsman” as he is referred to by many of my coworkers. This guy is a truck driver for an outside carrier who makes frequent deliveries to us. Normally, I wouldn't take a picture of some poor guy with his pants falling down and post it for others to see, but this seriously happens every day so he obviously doesn't care. The best part is that he is actually wearing a belt. 

"If you cant laugh at yourself, laugh at other people."
 ~Tim Hawkins


  1. I CANNOT believe you actually posted all this! Didn't your mother teach you anything? Or was it your father who DID teach you? LOL! Ma

  2. OMW! I think I am amused at going from #3-4. Talking about pooing and farts, to talking about your pastor dad. Oh, and seriously, you didn't need to scar me with that last pic!! I need to find a bleach wash for my brain now....

  3. OK that last picture is killing me!! I can relate to your boys saying poo and fart. OMG it's non stop at my house too. I loved the story about your Dad.

  4. Great Random's and some how they all seamlessly fit together with a fitting (not) crescendo!

  5. Thanks for that last picture, it just made my day. Anyway I think yall should go back to visit Pensacola! We go to the gulf several times a year but I've only been to Pensacola 1 time. Kat & I could meet up and make it a second time!


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