Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kat's Random Post

Random post today. First, I'm happy to report that I survived my first running experience. I did meet up with some obstacles though. Like four doors down from our house, a lady was unloading groceries from her car and there right in front of her was her pet pit bull. I'm not even joking. Man, what a way to start your run, right? At least I wasn't completely out of breath yet so I waved to the nice lady, avoided eye contact with Killer, and turned on my jets. Yikes! Okay, my second obstacle--I live on a busy road. Rt. 322 to be exact. There is a dirt path that goes back to the woods in back of my house, but really, what's worse--getting hit by a car or tripping over a log?? (Okay after I wrote that, I can clearly see which one would be worse...but you get the idea--these are not ideal running conditions.) So there are tractor trailers (semi's for all you midwesterners) flying past me on the road. Then you have the Mennonite girls on their bikes. (what a combo, huh?) Aren't you supposed to face traffic when you're running/on your bicycle? (I could be completely wrong here) Well I was, but the biker chicks were going with traffic. That threw me off. 'Cause then you'd have a big Mack passing them on their bikes and heading right towards me. So I switched sides until the bikes were out of sight. I'll have you know I was keeping a mean pace with those biker girls;) Obstacle #3--the road I went on next is not the nicest. Well, it starts out nice. You pass a cute little greenhouse and farm, go up a little hill right past nice little houses, then it's bad. Like creepy-people bad:/ I swear like three cars slowed down and of course I thought they were just waiting for me so they could jump out and throw me in their trunk. Ends up, they were just getting their mail. But still...kinda freaky. So today...ugh. It's 37 degrees out. My lungs are hurting just thinking about it. So we'll see if that happens:/

Random #2--I cleaned my kitchen to take pics of it and it looks fab. I do love my kitchen. And the fact that it's cleaned and clutter free--is there really any better feeling for a housewife? I mean really. Okay, maybe having your baby smile at you trumps the clean kitchen feeling. Just maybe.

Isn't he just presh??

Next random: I threw some potatoes in the dough bowl Mitch got me for V-day and I'm diggin' the look. Rustic and practical. I had to get rid of the plastic bag they were in 'cause there was a rotten one in there and it smelled to high heavens. Oh my gosh. I couldn't believe it. I chucked the rotten sucker outside against a tree and it exploded.

What else?? Oh, I think it's funny that we get this magazine. I never subscribed to it so I have no idea who's paying for it. But what's really funny is that the subscription is in Mitch's name:)

 I like saying "Hey, Mitch, your fave mag came in the mail today!" And seriously, Jillian, what's up with the butt-revealing outfit. Get it together.

I made some bangin' French toast this morning with this French bread Mitch brought home from work. Man, it was awesome. You know you could go for some. You should make it. Tonight. For din din.

I think that's all I got. I'm gonna try to get Mitch to round up a "Randoms" post here soon. So stay tuned! Hope you're having a great day:)


  1. I'm laughing right now - because I figure everyone is out to kill me lol - especially the Craigs list people that come to look/buy my furniture - too funny!
    Bikes are supposed to go the same way as traffic I believe - not sure about runners ( but wow - impressed whenever I hear some actually runs!!! )

  2. Sweet blog post. Kitchen is beautiful picture perfect, Finnie smile is heart warming, potatoes and french bread are all good even though your dozen eggs was one short (it's still laying broken in the driveway:-) ), but that butt-revealing outfit on Jillian is not classy. She better stick to Jeans and a tee shirt! Can't wait to see what Mitch drums up. Ma

  3. Do you have a local school near you with an outdoor track? Most of the schools by me have these tracks around their soccer field. The track is made out of recycled tires, so really good for running on (better for your knees/joints). I usually run at the Y at their indoor track so no one can stuff me in their trunk. There have been a lot of running deaths lately, either accidents or intentional murders. Be careful!

  4. Creepy road = Briartown Road

  5. I hate that we have to worry about our safety when doing something outside. But it's a reality. Maybe find a running buddy.
    I love a clean kitchen too but yea that baby smile trumps it :)
    Loved your random post.

  6. Lol! I totally think everyone is out to get me. I live just outside of DC and so have to take the Metro and walk everywhere, and I'm always sure that the person walking behind me is waiting to jump me at an opportune time!

    Also - bikes are supposed to go with traffic, walkers/runners are supposed to go against it. At least that's how it is around here since bikes are considered part of traffic.

    Lastly- your kitchen looks amazeballs!

  7. I'm sure you've found the answer by now but you run against the traffic, bike with traffic. Just assume that a driver can't/doesn't see you. I almost hit a college student daily because they think I can see them. Also wear obnoxious bright colors or a vest. Dorky but being hit is dorkier! If you have a Walmart they have some good moisture wicking bright shirts for really cheap. Finn is adorable, I bet you stare at that smile all day long!!


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