Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Stuffs

The boys have been in desperate need of some new clothes, so I hit up GW the other day. Actually before GW, I went to a kids' consignment sale that's held every year in Lancaster. They have clothes, toys, shoes, baby stuff, pretty much anything you need for kids. But after I saw a $45 price tag on a Thomas toy, I scurried my way out and across the street to my favorite place to shop--Goodwill:) And that day I hit the jackpot. Check out the stash I got.

Shoes were $4 a pair and if you've been out shoe shopping lately, you know that's a total steal. Plus these were in pretty good shape.

Check it out--a Polo Ralph Lauren pullover for $3.50.

And I found something for Finn too. He loves it. As long as someone's right there with him;)

I'd much rather shop at GW and get name brand stuff than go to Walmart and get cheapy clothes, know what I mean? Some of the brands I got were Ralph Lauren, Gap, Crew Cuts (J.Crew's kids' line), and some Children's Place stuff. I got Ry a brand new Gap jean jacket. Love it. And all this stuff cost me less than $50. I LOVE second-hand stores. And my boys are rockin' some really stylin' clothes too. Win/win, baby.

We made some Easter sugar cookies yesterday for Ryder's kindergarten teacher and teacher's aid. It was a lot of fun. Usually I don't have the patience for sugar cookies, but I think they turned out pretty cute and tasty. And it was a relaxing time for me. Usually I'm a last-minute girl, throwing together a gift the night before. But with these, I did them two days ahead saving myself the stress of "just getting it done." I was able to take my time and enjoy the process. I used this mix and added my own butter cream icing to them.

I saved a few for Ry to decorate after he came home from school. He piled on the icing!

Here are Bryce and Finn "playing." I asked Bryce to talk to Finn while I was cleaning up the kitchen so he was telling him all about his trains. It was so cute. I had to snap a picture. Bryce is so good with Finn. Whenever he hears him crying he goes running to him to stick his paci back in his mouth. You can tell he loves his little brother:)

And yesterday it snowed. It was so pretty. Here's a shot of my potting shed. I thought it looked so picturesque in the snow. But now I'm totally ready for Spring-like weather.

Just some little happenings here at the Hertzler house. What are you up to these days? Make any Easter cookies or candy? Get any good deals lately on kid's clothes? Get buried under some massive snow??

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  1. You got some great deals. I found some very similar shoes at my local thrift store for my 3 year old. They are super cute.


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