Friday, March 22, 2013

Date Night!

So last night, Mitch and I went out on a date. It had been a while so we were definitely ready to drop Ryder and Bryce off at my parents' and get our grub on. Mitch received a couple gift cards for coaching Ry's basketball team this year so we headed over to Longhorn Steakhouse. 

(this was the best shot we could get of was seriously like the 20th pic I took of us. #nonphotogenicfolk)

I was just a little excited. 

The food was amazing. I was super pleased with everything we got. (which is quite the feat if you've ever been to a restaurant with me!)

I got Parmesan crusted chicken that was seriously so so good. 

We even got dessert. Or should I say a bakery!

Finn tagged along and was pretty content chillin' in his car seat.

Then afterward we stopped in Williams-Sonoma and this lovely table greeted us as we walked in. Isn't it so fresh and Springy? I love that tablecloth.

That store is pure eye candy for people who love to cook and entertain. Man oh man. I was in heaven!

Just their displays were so adorable. How fun would it be to open a cabinet in your kitchen and have these little jars of jimmies smiling back at ya? Love it.

Eye candy, I tell ya.

It was nice to look, but we really couldn't afford very many things in there. This spatula was really nice. I thought it'd be great to have a nice wide spatula for lasagna but it was seriously like $40.

We did get a few things though:) I always feel bad when I'm sippin' away at my Keurig coffee and Mitch has nothing to drink. (he's not a fan of coffee) But apparently if you put like 2 spoonfuls of either one of these chocolates in your coffee, it's amazing. And Mitch does like mocha stuff, so hopefully we can drink our "coffees" together.

And I found an apron! I've been wanting a full apron for a while now and this cute little guy was on sale. I love it. And I feel like a cute little '50s housewife now. There's the cutest little ruffle at the bottom:) (how many times can I say cute?)

So that was it: our little date night. Have you gone out lately? Had any amazing food I need to know about? Anybody hittin' up Longhorn tonight? Do it. And get the chicken. 

Happy weekend!


  1. Looks like a fun evening! And, ps, Finn is SO CUTE!

    Also that WS hot cocoa is the best ever. Real chocolate flakes instead of powder? Um, yes. Always. Good choice :)

  2. How sweet! I love Williams Sonoma too but good golly the prices. I love the apron on you!

  3. Aww, it's important to have date night now and then :)

  4. My husband is not a coffee drinker either and I want him to be as silly as that sounds... I need to try the choc trick and see if he likes it... He does like Chai tea but thats about it... Cute apron...

  5. We've found that grandparents really love parents need for some alone time. My folks are always prepared for a weekend with our son - even now that he's a teen. Glad you had a great time! Our recent go to restaurant has been TGI Friday's. They have a skillet Parmesan Shrimp and Risotto that is awesome. If I can stay awake today - can't believe I'm up at 5:30 on a Saturday - we may try to take in a movie. And Jenn is right Finn is a-dora-ble! You know, you could make labels for bottles like WS and get the same look!

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