Monday, March 11, 2013

Brandon Heath Concert

So last night was the Brandon Heath concert. And it was an amazing, AMAZING night. Let me rehash it for ya. I got an email from Brandon Saturday evening asking if we wanted to "hang out" before the show. Of course we were totally game. So Mitch and I met him at the venue like an hour and a half before the show, ate dinner with him and just chatted like we were old pals. We talked about our pallet ceiling project (that's what drew him to the blog in the first place), he showed us backstage, introduced us to Laura Story and just got to know each other a bit. He and Mitch were reminiscing about Canada (that's where Mitch grew up and where Brandon likes to visit at a certain camp in BC). Then we met up with the giveaway winners, Dan and Jenn, and we all chatted for a while. Oh, that was after Brandon thought it'd be funny to chuck dinner rolls at them from the balcony. They were already in their seats and B wanted to get their attention, so he threw rolls at them. Then ducked. And there I was, the prime suspect, when the security guard lady looked up:/ It was pretty funny. So then the concert...

This was when Mandisa was on the stage. That alive. She was incredible. Not only her singing, but how she spoke too...she just kept rattling off Bible verses like it was nobody's biz. It was truly amazing. At one point I just felt like shouting, "Preach it, sistah!" But not long after that urge, some random lady from the crowd shouted out, "PRAISE GOD FOR MANDISA!!!! WOOOOO!!" It was a little weird. And awkward. And I was glad I repressed the shouting-out urge I had like 10 seconds prior. But Mandisa didn't skip a beat. She just kept on doin' her thang. 

And Laura Story was incredible too. The story behind her song Blessings was very touching and made the song that much more real. I didn't know what to expect from this entire concert 'cause it was such a random mix of styles/people, but it was truly an incredible God glorifying evening. I loved every second of it.

I think my two favorite songs that Brandon sang were The Light in Me and the one about his granddad, Paul Brown Petty. So, so good. Then after the concert we got to hang out some more. That's when we met Mandisa.

So thanks, Brandon, for the hookup! It was so fun meeting you and hanging out. Guys, if you ever get the chance to see him in concert, do it. He's the coolest guy (after Mitch, that is.) It's so weird to think that he reads my blog. So, so weird. But so totally cool. Okay, now it's back to reality for me...yeah, Finn just spit up again. He's workin' on his 4th outfit of the day. We're goin' for a record here, folks.


  1. Mandisa! I'm so glad to hear she's still singing - I loved watching/hearing her on American Idol :). Looks like you had such a great evening!

  2. Oh yes~ last night was awesome!! Brandon, Mandisa, and Laura are all living out their God given gifts and talents, and touching many lives while doing it. Thank you for speaking from the heart and being real. Oh, and Brandon~ I still want that roll autographed! LOL! Kat~ thanks for sharing with us the home you and Mitch have created in your blog. You are also gifted in many ways!! Can't wait to see what comes next (well, besides the finished bathroom!).

  3. Look at how teeny tiny you are! You guys are adorable.

  4. Wow!! I just went back and read how it came about to go to the concert!! That is the coolest story!! I went to a Brandon Heath/Matt Maher concert in November and LOVED it!! I love his music!! I especially loved his song about his grandfather too. :) Hmmm, Pinterest, who knew? ;) :D

  5. Can't believe I am just now reading about this! So cool. Everytime I hear Brandon Heath on the radio I think of you. I would have loved to see Mandesa, she did an awesome job on GMA a few weeks ago. Oh love your outfit!


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