Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Coffee Station

I was so inspired yesterday when I read about how Mary Ann created a coffee station in her kitchen that I wanted to do the same. "Where could I create such a space?" I asked myself. Oh yeah, right here: what used to be our pretty little message center.

We had great intentions of using this space as a place to recharge our phones, pin pretty things up on the bulletin board, etc. But as I mentioned a few weeks ago, this is what it turned into: our dumping ground. Don't judge, people. 

Yikes! (I cringe every time I look at this)

Now granted, I had just thrown a bunch of crap there from the above cabinets while I was attempting to find something, so it usually wasn't this bad. But still, it was normally covered with junk. This was our dumping ground for any and all things AND the thorn in my flesh--I just couldn't keep this space clutter-free. Get it together, Kat, and clear out that crap!

So here's what it now looks like and it makes my heart sing.

I even cleared out all the junk that was previously in that upper cabinet and filled it up with my mugs, coffee, tea, and all the jazz that goes with that. We even had room for other stuff like batteries, pens, medicine, etc.


Now let's see how long it's going to stay looking like this! (I will stay organized. I will stay organized. I will stay organized...)


  1. LOVE this! Recently we did the same with a funny little hutch thing in our kitchen, it does still get papers on it (come on with three kids the amount of school papers they bring home is just silly crazy!) but so much better and it isn't just a dumping ground anymore. We've been able to keep it up for about 3 or 4 weeks now! hope yours stays as clean and pretty! Oh and I LOVE the little stool the lamp is on! cute!

  2. Very cute Kat. Wow, I love your pieces - the lamp & bamboo mini table! Where did you get those? And, I love your saucers stacked up in the saucer rack. So cute!

    1. I believe I got both the lamp and bamboo stool at a thrift store...where else?!

  3. It feels SO GOOD to have a place for everything! I posted about ours last year and would love to share!

  4. Haha, laughed at the before photo of the hot mess. Then stopped chuckling when realizing your before pic looks like my after. Clean freak with floors and bathrooms here, but hate organizing junk.

    Get some loose tea leaves instead of bags, stat!

  5. Wish I had a space to create a coffee station. Plus my husband is so messy with the water for our single serve coffee maker that if I put it anywhere but right beside the sink I'll be dealing with mess everywhere. I don't complain though as he usually gets the pot all set up for my coffee each evening and then all I have to do is turn it on and hit brew in the morning. That can't be beat when you need that first cup ASAP. Agree with Fran...love the little lamp.

  6. This looks amazing!!! Thanks for the mention....I love how convenient you have made everything. Like a Bed and Breakfast!


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