Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten Years

Today's post is a personal one honoring the life of my brother Mark who died ten years ago today. (sorry if I just dropped a bomb on ya) It's kind of a mini walk down memory lane. So join me if you want, remembering someone special in my life. 

Here's a picture of  Mark with my Mom. It's easy to pick him out of my four brothers since he had red hair:) Actually each one of my brothers had a different colored head--black, red, blonde, and brown. Funny, huh?

Now jump ahead about 20+ years...here are all of my siblings and I at an Orioles game. We would go down every year to Baltimore when the Orioles played the Phillies. Big Philly fans here! (Doesn't look like anyone's ready for this picture but Dad took it anyway. I think a guy was ready to walk right in front of the camera at this point and I'm telling Dad to wait...oh well.)

On this particular day, it was extremely hot in Baltimore and Chris was the only one who bought some lemonade. We were all too cheap to spend the $4.50 or whatever it was on a cup that was half filled with ice. So Chris is monitoring how much Dad sips while Tim, Mark, and Meg are teasing him that Dad is going to drink it all. Looks like my brother Ronnie is in his own world rockin' those sweet shades.

Not quite sure why my Dad is wearing an Orioles hat here. Probably got it at a great price while walking into the stadium. Cheapness runs in the family;)

This is a picture from when we went to Six Flags Over Georgia. I think it was when Chris and Mark lived in SC. We visited them and went to the amusement park one day. Anyone who knows/knew my brothers can see that this picture totally depicts them: Chris is annoyed that I'm taking a picture, while Mark is goofing off for the picture. (The other two girls are friends of my sister.)

Can't remember the name of this ride, but I know it was like the first roller coaster in which the floor dropped from under you and your legs dangled. Chris was nervous while Mark was ready for some fun!

Christmases were always a blast at our house. Since there were six of us kids, we would pick names and the gifts usually were made up of at least one gag gift. Here are Dad and Mark waiting for their presents.

And while opening your present, everyone would be obnoxiously loud, clapping, and carrying on. Here's an action shot of my sister Megan opening her Flyers sweatshirt. She was and still is a big Flyers fan. I can only imagine how loud it was in our living room at this point.

I trusted Mark. Obviously. Since this is the night before high school graduation and he's giving me a quick trim. Of course it looks like he's about to totally chop my hair all off:)

Just wanted to show you guys some pictures of someone who was very special to me. Can't believe it's been ten years. Mark was killed in a car accident while driving to work. The roads were slushy and his car slid and hit a tree on the side of the highway. We all miss your smile and goofiness, Mark, and can't wait to see you one day in Heaven:)

Back to normal house-related posts tomorrow, guys. Our bedroom is this close to being ready for its reveal so stay tuned!


  1. So sorry to hear this story but happy you have so many treasured memories.

  2. Kat, thanks for sharing your special memories with us!

  3. 1. You look a lot like your mom!
    2. Your dad has a ginormous thermos in his hand but is bumming lemonade from your brother?
    3. I hope your brother cut your hair better than I did...

    Memories are a precious gift!

    1. Haha! It's true...maybe the thermos was empty by this point?? Have no idea. Fun times:)

  4. Dude was a goofball! I do miss that guy! Sad stuff


  5. So sorry for your loss. He looks like he was a great guy! You know you can tell in those pictures. It's good to remember the good times!

  6. That was a nice post down memory lane about your brother. Seemed like a fun guy. Have to love family pictures :)


  7. I'm so sorry about your brother Kat. Thank you for sharing your pictures, love the walk down memory lane. :-) You DO look like your mom. The pictures show, that Mark was a very fun part of your family. <3 HUGS!!!

  8. 10 years ago,this past August, I lost my son in a car accident. As the years go by, it doesnt hurt any less....just maybe a little less often. Keep those memories alive! Hugz

  9. What a fun and close family you have. Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories.


  10. I'm so sorry for your loss, but thankful you have some great memories. Making the most of the time we have here is what life is about and it seems like your family did just that.

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