Thursday, January 17, 2013

Laundry Room Progress

It's been a while since I've shown you guys some progress shots, so here ya go: the laundry room. Since the last time you've seen it (almost two months ago...yikes), I've made a skirt for the sink and hung a mirror. (I know that sounds like nothing, but it is some progress, right??)

This space was screaming for a mirror. It kinda acts like a window in the space and I like that I can keep an eye on what's going on behind me when I'm giving one of the boys a bath. Yeah, that's right, the utility sink is our main bathtub for the boys. It's seriously awesome. No pullin' out your back trying to scrub them down (like in a typical tub). They just stand up and all their stank is right there for ya to wash down; you don't even have to bend over. And I'm all about easy work these days. Bryce even has his stash of plastic Thomas trains ready to be pulled out for a little wash down.

We used picture-hanging Velcro strips to hang the mirror (that you can see I got at GW for super the mirror there too). We used two large strips and two small strips since we only had two large ones left.

It worked really well since we didn't want to drill into the subway tile. We attached four tabs to the wall (after wiping it down with alcohol), and four on the back of the mirror.

You just press the two halves together and BAM! it works like a charm.

The skirt is actually an Ikea curtain (I'm using the other one for a shower curtain in our bathroom) that I cut and hemmed (with iron-on tape) and attached with sticky Velcro strips to the sides of our sink. I love it. It disguises the old utility sink and makes it cute. BTW, it's great having a sink right inside the door. The boys know as soon as they walk in the door, to go wash their hands. I'm kinda anal about it this time of year and freak out just a bit if they don't wash up right away. sick of this germ-fest going around.

This is what it used to look like. 

A couple simple changes that makes a big difference in my opinion.

I'm debating about whether I want to put any art up on the wall or a shelf or whatnot, so I'm sure there'll be changes in the near future. But at least we're headed in the right direction:)

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