Friday, January 11, 2013

Clutter Schmutter

Man it already Friday? Sheesh. This week was busy with kickboxing class, basketball practice, Awana, etc. etc. You know how it goes. I'm amazed at how busy life can get even for a stay-at-home momma. We were able to knock out a little bit o' work in the boys' room this week. We're at the finishing touches here, people! Mitch was working on a cool project last night that includes letters. The boys' letters. Like a giant and R...

I need to finish these by sanding and painting and then they're going to be mounted to some's gonna look cool, I promise;) THEN we'll be able to show you their room. I'm so sorry everything is taking so much guys are awesomely patient.

One thing I'm trying to get better at this year: keeping surfaces in my home clutter-free. I was never good at this (okay, I'm a total mess...whatever), but this year I'm determined to do better. I think I just need to clean up as I go about my biz. Breakfast finished? Wash those dishes. Completed a craft? Put the crayons away. Done playing with Thomas the Tank Engine? (that's right) Put him back in Tidmouth Sheds. (those without kids are scratching their heads right now) Basically--PUT THINGS AWAY!! Why is this simple exercise so hard for me? Dang it! But anyway...I wanted to show you guys my sink area 'cause I did accomplish my goal yesterday--I put stuff away after I was done with them. And I'm one proud lady. Smashing, isn't it? Go ahead, you can say it...I'm awesome. (if you squint a bit, you can see our sa-weet Lightning McQueen nightlight plugged into the outlet)

Oh wait...okay so I'm not totally awesome just yet. This is the other side of the kitchen:/
Just keepin' it real, folks.

Let's have a closer look, shall we?

Ugh...can't win 'em all, can we? Guess I gotta get crackin' on that side now. 

Are you are neat-freak? Please give a girl some tips. 


  1. The clean side looks awesome. And thank you so much for showing the side that looks so much more like my kitchen! :) I'd love to have an immaculate, clutter-free house but I just can't seem to accomplish it!

  2. This is one thing I am working on this year as well. Decraptifying is what I like to call it. :)
    Love what you've been doing on your house. You've inspired me to do some of those projects as well.

  3. As a mom of 4, my whole house looks like the second photo. It eventually works on me enough to clear the clutter but that only works for so long with the kiddos. Life happens, go with it! :)

  4. When my kids were at home, mine always looked like the clean side. Seriously!!! I have become a slob since the kids grew up. I love CLEAN, IMMACULATE look, but just tired of being a housekeeper, after 37 1/2 years. :-P When my house WAS that clean, it was just discipline. When we used something, it went back where it belonged. OH and I also had a Goodwill box, anything that I found laying of the kids, went in the box. They had to earn it back. LOL We have lived here for 19+ years, before that we moved a lot. We had, what you see is what we own system. I still have an ongoing trunk stash for Goodwill. I do not like keeping stuff, my husband is a hoarder. *well a mild version though*. You are inspiring me Kat!!!! Your home is so inviting, homey and cute.

  5. I have slight hoarding tendencies I think hence all the clutter:/

  6. We have the horizontal surface issue in our house too, trying to cut down on the crazy ridiculous surface clutter is something we're trying to stay on top of this year as well. Good luck! I don't have any tips other than get your family to help too ;)

  7. DO share the cleaning schedule. I need one.

  8. Here's the best advice I ever learned from my mom when it came to taking care of a house/family... when it comes into the house, touch it once! Meaning when you bring it in from the store/mailbox/grandmas it goes right into it's home. Everything has a home! I've always done this and have clean counters and dining room table. Mail get sorted, filed, recycled, shredded as it comes in. And my kids picked up/cleaned behind themselves. Even at a young age they would help. We would sing the "Barney Song" and when it was over we were done and as they got older it was just habit. For big room projects I keep an old laundry basket in the room with the project going on. So if company comes, everything goes in the basket and it can just be popped into a closet, and pulled back out. When the project is done the basket gets cleaned out. Everything back into it's home. these things have worked very well for me. Not to mention it keeps the clutter from building in every room. Hope any one of these can help you! Have a great day!

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