Monday, January 14, 2013

Cleaning Schedule

So here's the cleaning schedule pictured in the last post. Yes, the same cleaning schedule that was surrounded by all that clutter. (which is actually dwindling down, believe it or not...pinecones are still there though...) I found it on Pinterest, which by the way, I use all the time. I mean, not simply pinning stuff, but I actually make many of the recipes I pin, try my hand at some of the projects I see on there, and of course gain inspiration for decorating the rooms in my home. This cleaning schedule was one such pin. I printed it out and decided this was something I could follow. I implemented some of the chores on the list. Can't do them washing all the windows in my house every week? Yeah, never gonna happen. I'm happy if they get done once a season. So here it is. If you need a little help in the cleaning dept., this may help:) (The biggest help for me was just sticking a load of wash in the washer every day. And of course folding and putting it away. That way you don't have to do like 17 loads in one day...imagine all those pairs of socks to match up...ugh. Seriously, aren't socks the worst? Especially kids' socks.)

Happy Cleaning!


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