Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Auction Finds

So last week I went to an auction. It's been a while since my last a year and a half, that's kinda hard to believe. I love auctions. I feel right at home at 'em. If you've never been before, you may be intimidated at first--not knowing when to bid, if you should bid, how much is too much to pay, etc. But once you've been to a few, it's a walk in the park. And quite enjoyable too. Auctions up my way are an event. Like the same people go to them every week. You know you've been going to auctions for a while when the auctioneer calls you by name and urges you to keep the bid alive. Love it. So this particular auction last week was at the fire hall up the street. I loved it. I'm back in the game, baby! So here are some of the things I scored.

First of all, let me preface my first find by letting you in on a secret: I'm slightly obsessed with stools. They're just so hard for me to resist when I see one at a yard sale, thrift store, wherever. I also have the same love affair with kid-size chairs. There's one in the boys' room, four out in their playhouse, and at least one random one (that I can think of) that isn't assigned a home yet. So when you combine the two--stool/chair...look out. That puppy's mine.

That's right, that little guy folds into this--

Seriously, how cute is that? And they had two of them. Doubly awesome.

Next find, this thing.

Yeah, I'm not even sure what it is other than AMAZING. It looks like it was hand-forged?? Does anyone know what this pulley-type apparatus was used for? 

Reminds me of this PB light. Except mine is much cooler since it's the real deal;) So who knows what we'll use our pulley for...maybe another light?? (I don't even think we can put one more light in our house.)

Bradley Funnel Pendant

Another unique find that I couldn't pass up was this shoe stretcher.

I'm thinking this guy will have a place of prominence in our laundry room (as suggested by a FB follower!) :) BTW, if you're not following MLST on FB, get in on the action!

Next, I spotted these old toys from afar and thought how much my boys would enjoy them. And what do ya know...the auctioneer threw them together as a "lot!" My lucky day.

I heart vintage toys.

Last, but not least. I got this little beauty for $5.

Okay, maybe she has a few battle scars. Who doesn't?

But I'll tell ya what--she's undergone quite the transformation. Come back tomorrow and you can see her new look. Let's just say she's gone from drab to fab.

Have you gone to an auction lately? Ever been to one? Maybe you found some cool treasures elsewhere. Spill the beans.


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