Monday, December 3, 2012

Wishful Thinking...

I thought it'd be fun to put together a Christmas little wish list this year. Not because I'm expecting things off this list, but mainly because I keep seeing them on other blogs and it looks like a lot of fun to throw together. Plus, Mitch found this online photo editing program that's super easy to use (here) and I'm excited to finally be able to put something like this together primarily on my own (go me!)

Can't remember the last time I got PJs so I'm due. These are just adorable. I'd totally wear them all day long...wait, I already do that.

I love the look of bread boards leaning against the backsplash of a kitchen. It's cozy, rustic, and practical. Just grab and go and when they're not in use, they look pretty in your kitchen.

3. Shoes 
Cute little leopard flats to mix up an outfit. I love the unexpected pop of shoes to jazz up your wardrobe.

for our new bathroom! Love the charcoal gray:)

5. Hand soap 
We've been using bar soap lately and I love it. If your hands tend to dry out in the winter (like mine) try switching to a natural bar soap. (I've been getting Kiss my Face olive oil soap) It really does help with not drying out my hands. And the soap on my wish list just looks lovely and I've heard it smells amazing.

I use Celtic Sea Salt and have it in a glass container with a lid, but this one is just so stinkin' cute, isn't it?

This is totally out of the question expensive. That's why it's on my wish list. Never gonna happen. Actually I don't think even if we were loaded I would spend that kind of money on a sweater. Goodwill for life, baby!

8. Blue and White dishes to add to my collection (found at second-hand stores)
I've been slowly adding to my collection and want to display it in my dining room. You can find these at pretty much any second-hand/thrift store. Just picked up a large planter last week at a thrift store for $5.

Do you make lists for Christmas? I don't think I ever have until this fun one this year. What we always did growing up was pick names out of a hat and buy solely for that person. We called it "Pollyannas" (which I just learned from Wikipedia, is a southern NJ term for Secret Santa. Yay South Jersey!) There were six of us kids so there was no spoiling at Christmas time! Early on I remember the budget being $25 that Mom and Dad gave us to buy a gift for our Pollyanna. Later when we all had jobs, we spent more. It was fun (except the year my Dad bought me a Chicago Bears jacket...still have no idea what he was thinking!) because you didn't know who had your name and it was all a big surprise on Christmas morning. Fun times. And to me, that's what Christmas is all about--not necessarily making a list and getting everything off that list, but simply receiving something special from a loved one.

What do you do for Christmas? Are you a list person? (it's okay if you are!) I can see how for some people lists are good...that way you know what the other person wants, but to me I'm a big "putting thought into gifts" girl and would rather receive a $2 gift from Goodwill that's totally "me" than something brand new that costs $50 but is just a generic present. Last year Mitch and I started a tradition of buying each others' presents from second-hand stores (read about it here and here). I loved it! Of course you gotta splurge on some necessities like socks and undies and I always buy Mitch a new pair of jeans each year, but other than that, our gifts were all second-handed. We're going to do that again this year. So I better go and get my thrift on! It may be more challenging this year having three boys in tow, but hey, I'm up for a challenge;)



  1. I feel good today so I'm going to catch up on my blog commenting! I just bought those pj Saturday and they are adorable. I also just posted on my blog about them, ha. I know you can find that cardigan for cheaper I could never buy j crew full prices, ouch. I am with you on the lists. We didn't make them in my family but the inlaws do and it makes me feel weird but I guess I am getting use to it. I am in the second hand vs generic gift camp.

  2. I love your list! :) My mom makes all of us kids STILL make a list -- it's annoying, but sort of sweet because she wants to buy us things we want/need. I was telling my husband yesterday though, that just because it's on the list doesn't mean you'll get it. She has to like it to. Oh holiday family politics!

  3. I am big on creativity~ I don't care to make lists for people, and I don't want their lists either. When I buy a gift for someone, I have put thought into them and what they like. Lists are so....I can't come up with a good word...haha! Dream lists are different, and so are registries :)


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