Friday, December 7, 2012

This 'n That

Here's an update on our renovation: we're almost done with the living room floor! So exciting:) 
Here's Mitch installing last night.

This amazing man just keeps going. Every night he's working on something. And that's even with a busted lip:/ While playing hockey the other night, the puck jumped up at him and smacked him in the lip. 12 stitches later, he's still going strong. I am so blessed to have such a dedicated husband. Love him so much!

Here's the living room half way done. Once the flooring is in, we'll be able to get our Christmas tree which will go right in front of those windows there. The boys are looking forward to decorating for Christmas:) (and I guess I am too;))

And here's the rest of "life" happening.

Bryce is explaining his train book to Finn.

And here's what Mitch got me for my birthday (which was yesterday). I'm so excited to finally have a Keurig:) Question for those who have one: where's the best place (price-wise) to get K-cups? I've heard they make refillable ones--does anyone have that? 

And look what I spotted on our living room subfloor. Isn't it so awesome? We're pouring so much love into our wee little house and this just symbolizes it. (It looks like it's wood filler that someone used to patch a hole in the subfloor) Can you feel the love?

Hoping to get a lot of work knocked out this weekend. The boys are staying over my parents' house so hopefully we can cross a lot off our list and finally show you guys some "after" pictures next week:) Have a great weekend!


  1. I cannot believe how precious your boys are! What sweet pictures!

  2. A friend of mine raved about Apparently the k-cups were priced amazingly, and the delivery was next day.

  3. Your floor is so pretty. What a sweet hubby you have. Poor guy, that lip looks like it hurts. :-(
    Your boys are all three so precious and adorable. Little blessings!!!
    YES I have seen and used the refillable K-Cup. I do not have a Keurig, but my daughter Deena does. She has the refillable cup and I use it for my decaf when at her house. It works great. I'm not sure what you bought it, but can find out if you want me to.
    Have a good day Kat!!! Excited to see your bedroom pictures. Maybe it will motivate me. LOL :-P Prolly not though!!! LOL

  4. WHERE SHE BOUGHT IT*** I "MUST" learn to proof read before clicking. :-P

  5. Just get a refillable K=cup. I just saw them last week again at Target, so I'm sure most stores that sell a Kurig should carry them. Just use your own grounds in them, and that helps save money. We go through the K-cups pretty quickly around here, so I usually stock up on them when they are on sale, or when the Kurig company sends me amazing coupons. I just got one free box of 24 cups last month, because the company thought their delivery was too slow due to some computer glitch! Most welcome :) Hope this helps.

  6. I am so impressed with you guys! Our kitchen remodel is just a fraction of the work you guys are doing and you never seem to tire! We look at our kitchen some nights and just sneer -- and then go watch TV. Clearly, we need to taken a lesson from your book. The floor is beautiful, by the way :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Kat! Your boys are too precious!

  8. Sometimes K-cups are on sale at Kohls. And I occasionally buy them at Bed, Bath and Beyond using my coupons.


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