Monday, December 31, 2012


Last night was the Hertzler Christmas get-together. And this year Mitch and I hosted! I was excited about this since it was the first time we've "entertained" in our new space and I was pumped about having more than four people sit at our table. (We've always had tiny tables--a little '50s-style metal legged one, and a small white round table that only seated four.) One thing I looked forward to the most about our renovation was being able to sit around the dining table and talk and that's exactly what we did last times. So here are some pictures. Excuse the "dining room"--it's not completely done yet. That big blank white wall...a huge chalkboard will be going on there soon enough. (just have to cut it to size, frame and hang that bad boy)

As with the rest of our holiday decor, I kept things very simple for the tablescape. I got three yards of burlap (that I was going to use for garland for the tree...never happened) and used it as a tablecloth. I was able to use the dishes I got on clearance last year for the first time, as well as the silverware I got at a thrift store. And I borrowed my MIL's Princess House glasses and fruit bowls to finish off the look. Ry had a fun time writing everyone's name for their namecards (which were old baby shower thank you cards that we covered up "thank you for your gift" with names). 

The bread board that Mitch made me served as our humble centerpiece.

For those who follow me on FB, you saw our "new" china cabinet...I'm doing to do a separate post on this puppy since there's quite an amazing before and after story, but here are a couple shots of it all filled with my dishes. (Plus, like everything else in our house, it needs to be finished...Mitch made doors for the bottom portion that need to be put on.) But I'm totally lovin' it...we actually designed the layout of the whole renovation around this piece.

(The door on the left goes down to our finished basement and the door on the right is our bedroom door...I promise the reveal is coming soon!)

Did you ever have to sit at "The Kids' Table?" Yep, me too. So in keeping with tradition, here's our kids' table:)

For an easy tablecloth, I used a roll of Christmas coloring pages that I got for the boys and taped three sheets together, put out some crayons so they could be "busy" while they ate, and called it a day. (and the M&M candy dish was a hit, as you can imagine)

The train namecards were birthday party invitations that Bryce saw at the thrift store that we had to get. I had no idea what we were going to do with them, then it occurred to me yesterday that they'd make the perfect namecards. Score.

Oh and did you notice the kids' chairs? :)

Present time!
 Here's Bryce opening his gift from Nana/Ma. (that's what they call Mitch's parents: Nanan is Grandad and Ma is Grandma. Collectively they're known as Nana/Ma; individually they're Nanan and Ma. We can thank Ryder for that.) And Bryce is sitting on his cousin Kylie's lap.

Nanan made the boys trains. So cool. And they both have their own personalized shelf to put their train on. (these are the first pieces to their gallery wall...I'm ready to finish the walls off today with hanging the rest of their stuff.)

Here's the spread: I (with help from my SIL and niece) made homemade pizza, roasted veggies, and even some cauliflower crusted breadsticks with dipping sauce, and Mitch's Mom brought turkey noodle casserole, always a hit with the kids. We cranked out nine pizzas...ranging from chicken BBQ, Hawaiian, pepperoni, pepperoni with mushrooms and peppers, and plain cheese. Take your pick!

And here's the Hertzler clan: Jim & Faye (Nana/Ma), Troy & Ashley (Mitch's bro and wife), and of course Mitch, who is working on his 6th slice of pizza.

And the kids' table. Poor Kylie had to endure sitting with a five and three year old, who, believe it or not, can be a little annoying at times. Cole didn't seem to be distracted from eating his turkey noodle casserole.

That's it: the last of our Christmas celebrations. Now tonight is New Year's Eve...bring on some more fun times! What did you do for Christmas? Use any new dishes? Host for the first time in your home? Eat pizza? No? We have tons of leftovers if you're interested...


  1. looks like lots of fun, and the house looks great!

  2. What a fun gathering! Your table and house look fantastic and I LOVE that you had pizza instead of a traditional holiday dinner. Oh and I'm totally trying those cauliflower bread sticks -- yum!

  3. Was the best time ever. The food was marvelous! The fellowship was sweet and the evening was memorable. Thanks, Kathleen, you and Mitch did a wonderful job. Oh, and just so fun to cuddle Baby Finn! Ma

  4. Looks like a lovely family :) Always look forward to seeing how your house is shaping up. Happy New Year!

  5. Your new space looked perfect for hosting a party. The pizza idea is genius!


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