Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Decorating

I don't know what it is, but it seems like this year there's a lot of pressure around us (especially in the blogging community) to have the picture-perfect Christmas-y decorated house. I mean, it's kinda ridiculous if ya ask me. Hey, I'm all for deckin' out for the holidays, but it just seems a little over-the-top, for whatever reason, this year. Shoot, I even saw a Christmas treeSTAND Christmas tree. Yeah, someone decorated a little tree stand and displayed it as one of their 17 (I may be exaggerating) Christmas trees in their house. (If you did that, no offense...just I don't have that kind of time on my hands these days!) That being said, I'm going to show you my Christmas's not over the top and we're probably not even done, but I better show ya now 'cause who knows if I'll ever get to finishing stuff around least before Christmas morning:) So come on in to our newly finished living room:) BTW, this is the only room that's decorated for Christmas. Not gonna be hangin' wreaths in the bathrooms this year like the other bloggers. (jk...kinda)

Here's a wreath I made from fresh greens around our (and my in-law's) yard. I hosted a girls' craft night at my house last week and we all made either wreaths or an times. The berries are fake (picked them up at a thrift store) but everything else is real and it smells so festive.

The tree is very under-decorated. We may end up adding more as time goes by. I did get some burlap to make garland out of, but we'll see if that ever gets done:/ I'm diggin' the natural-looking decor with more neutral colors.

We even have our very own babe wrapped in swaddling clothes this year. So take that, Christmas tree stand decorator lady! Isn't he precious? Seriously. Best present ever.

My sister-in-law made Mitch and I these S'mores ornaments several years ago. As in, shaped and baked the clay, painted and glazed them. She has such talent. She's made one for each of our family members in our entire family all with a personalized touch. Mitch's is the little Flyers player since he loves all things hockey and mine is a little decorating S'mores girl:)

The boys and I tried our hands at salt dough ornaments. That was a frustrating fun project! (I'm not a very crafty person, so it takes a lot of patience for me to do something like this. Mission: somewhat accomplished.)

One side of our living room

And the other side

The only red things I used this year are this tool box (as seen in Ry's room) and these electric candles on an inverted Coke box. I wanted more of a natural vibe this year with little jarring colors. I need less "loudness" in my life these days:)

So where are you at with your decorating? Have you made your tree stand tree yet? :)



  1. You did a whole lot more than I did! That sweet little bundle is the nicest decoration I've seen yet.

    I totally am with you on the OTT (over the top)decorating; do these people not have real lives to live? LOL

  2. You did GREAT!!! Your home is so beautiful Kat, so warm and inviting. Thank you for sharing. YES your most precious gift, baby boy! ;-)
    I haven't done much this year, so busy. My 82 year old MIL fell and broke her hip a couple weeks ago, so that has kept us busy. My tree is up, we use fake, it is SO much less decorated then it is most years, but it is pretty. We are going shopping tomorrow, haven't bought even one gift yet. I may get some silver balls for my tree then, to finish it off. My mantle is not decorated, neither is my antique secretariat. Oh well, that is not what is important. My 50 cards mailed today, *cut down the list, can you imagine that. LOL* Still have a few local cards to hand out.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hug your babies tight. Sad day for America. Praying for the precious families of those that we lost today. God help our country!!!

  3. Lovely, Kat, and what a handsome baby...I like the idea of the burlap garland, might try that one. Trying to get ready for my 'baby's (Tamara,lol) visit. Haven't got the tree yet, I think we have one to cut this year out back. Love the wreath, good job...

  4. Your house looks amazing and completely festive -- I love all the natural touches. Totally my style of Christmas decorating :). I also could not agree with you more about the whole blogger holiday decorating thing. Our decor this year is the simplest it's every been and I could not be happier :). But, I've been noticing that bloggers just keep adding more and more (like, wreaths in the bathrooms ;) decorations to stay ahead of the curve -- which is just crazy to me!

  5. Great job! Hey, as long as there's a tree- I'm a happy girl! No over decorating with me! Your home looks amazing. And your sweet, adorable little present is the best! So precious. I also love what you have done with your living room. Beautiful gallery wall and dutch style door!

  6. Kat, so pretty and so real!! You crack me. I love your wreath, tool box and coke box!! All so beautiful. I just posted our Christmas decorations and I look at my mantle and think it is too much. Next year, I'm going to try the less is more route. BTW, your LR looks great! I love the yellow lamps behind your couch!!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family Kat! Your decorations are so pretty. I love your hanging window with the wreath and all of the touches of natural greenery sprinkled throughout.

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