Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Calendar

Did you have an Advent calendar growing up? I never did. Actually I can't really remember them being a big deal back in the day. I do remember my neighbor having a cardboard calendar where she opened up a little flap each day and a piece of candy was inside. It wasn't until recently (thanks to Pinterest) that I've seen Advent calendars becoming popular. I love the idea. Mostly because you can share with your children the true meaning of Christmas and read to them a particular passage of Scripture about Christ's birth each day leading up to Christmas morning. What a great way to build anticipation in a young child's heart! And of course getting a little prize is just the incentive they need. Well here's our homemade Advent calendar that we finished up just in time.

I love the idea of using bags to hold their "prizes" and got 100 of these bags for less than $3. I had the boys color the numbers. (I downloaded the numbers from here.) Then we attached the bags to some twine with little clothes pins and strung them from an old screen door frame that I salvaged from my neighbor's trash:) (Actually the rest of the door is in our dining room--our Dutch door.)

I'll be filling the bags with little treats and trinkets. (I picked up the vintage Pez Santas at a thrift store...aren't they cute?)

I'm also including activities in their bags on certain days to mix things up.

I'm hoping the boys will love it! How about you? Have you made an Advent calendar in the past? Or do you have a store-bought one that you use? If you've never done one, there's still time to whip one up (or buy one). Next up on our to-do Christmas list is make some wreaths with that those fresh greens up there:)


  1. Great idea! My family and I always did an Advent calendar growing up and we do one now with the kids. Love it :)

  2. So cute! We do an activity advent calendar every year, and I'd like to include scripture and toys/candy when we have kids someday!

  3. I love the colouring. That's so sweet to let them participate in making the advent calendar as well as the opening of it.

  4. Such a cute idea! They will love taking them down each day.

  5. Please save these sweet bags and use them every year. My mom saved this kind of stuff and still puts it out and it is so sweet to see the old scribbles. I love the idea of the activities you came up with. Keeping this in mind for the future :).


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