Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There'll be Days (or Weeks) Like This

Pretty rough week at the Hertzler house...seriously, if something were to go wrong, it did this week. It all started with our electrical. It's been awesome having friends able to help us out with our renovation, or Mitch do things himself, but I'm learning as we go that it's a lot harder to get it right when you're basically teaching yourself along the way. Little things keep popping up that tell ya maybe you didn't quite get it right the first time. We have an electrical issue. Power is going into the lines in our entry and dining room, but when Mitch hooks up the actual lights to the power, it's a no-go. Very frustrating. And nobody seems to know what's going on. Strike one.

While our electrical friend was over trying to figure this issue out, our dryer decided to die. I figured it was something he did to a breaker or whatnot but then Mitch determined that the power was indeed there, so it must just be the dryer. So I hopped on Craigslist and found a dryer for $50 literally right up the street. Score. We picked it up the next day. Mitch hooked it up. Doesn't work. Great. Apparently the fuse blew. So now we're waiting for a fuse to come in the mail and try again. (I'm still thinking it's something with the electrical--how can two dryers all of a sudden not work?)

Then our outside light decided not to work, along with an outlet in our kitchen. Mitch did fix this but it took a while and was very frustrating.

Next up--I've been hearing a rodent scrambling around somewhere in our kitchen walls at night. Not a pleasant sound to the ears. Of course in my head, it's a huge rat or something equally as disgustingly large and gross. Mitch finally figured out that the sound was coming from behind the dishwasher. The next day, I put on a load of dishes and Mitch (who was downstairs) came running up and said, "Turn off the dishwasher!" Apparently the rodent chewed through the drain pipe and water was gushing in the basement. Fantastic. And not only that, but he chewed through an electric line that now needs replaced. So I'm without a dishwasher and hot water in my kitchen. Strike four.

Next, hurricane Sandy. Thankfully the only thing that went wrong there was a broken limb on our tree in the front yard. Poor Fred. (yes, we name our trees) He gets damaged whenever there's a big storm. I'm very thankful our family was safe and sound. It could have been so much worse. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost so much.

Then just last night, as we were trying to get the nursery set up, this happened. Bryce decided to climb in the crib before it was set up and this was the result. I don't think it'll pass the baby safety inspection, do you? Not quite sure what we're doing about this issue yet. Thankfully the baby will be in a bassinet for a little while.

Oh and throw in a little dent in our new-to-us van. We had a friend/fellow hockey player of Mitch's over to install crown molding in the bathroom and I backed into his work truck. Didn't see the HUGE bumper/step up thingy in the back of the truck. So yeah, that was fun. I'm so glad Mitch isn't a huge car guy and he actually laughed when I showed him our sweet new scratch.

But alas, not all was lost. We did get some things accomplished.

Mitch installed all the baseboard heaters and thermostats and they're working! We hung some stuff that's been lying around for a while (moose antlers in the stairwell, a framed poster in the boys' room, and new Roman blinds in the bathroom). The curtains for our bedroom are being hemmed by a friend right now so hopefully they'll be up soon. And we have the bassinet all ready to go for baby (who will make his/her arrival tomorrow! EEK!!) 

So it's been a rough week in reno land over here. We feel like every time we try to get something knocked off the list, ten more things are added to it. But thank goodness for some progress. So we'll keep pluggin' away here and hopefully things will start falling into place. I can't wait to share all our finished projects/rooms with you guys and of course introduce you to H3. So what have you been up to? Have you had any projects that have proven harder than what you thought? Have you had one of "those days" lately?


  1. I'm so sorry that you have had a bad week. It does seem like things happen all at once, sometimes.
    For the mouse problem. Take a coffee can *metal or plastic, we use metal that is what our coffee of choice is packaged in*. Fill the can half full/full of moth balls *you can get at the dollar store or Walmart*. Turn the can upside down, poke holes in the bottom. Place the can, plastic lid side to the ground, under your house. I also throw a few mothballs around the edges of our house. You won't have mice, rats, spiders or neighbors cats. The cats do not like the smell of them. We have used mothballs for 19 years and have had only one sign of a mouse. The only reason we had that, my husband did not fill the hole in the floor on the back porch, where the freezer drain tube used to be.
    Hope you have a better week and get all the messes fixed soon.
    How exciting, a new baby tomorrow. Praying that all goes well. Have a restful day Kat, if you can. :-)

    1. Nice--we'll have to try that! There's all these holes going under our house where something is burrowing...maybe the mothballs will stop them. Thanks for the suggestion, Donita!

  2. P.S. If you know someone, that has a duplicating lathe, you can take one of the crib slats to them, have them make a new one. :-) Just a thought.

  3. Oh gosh rodents and electricity, two scary things!! I hope everything gets worked out. Just think tomorrow you have a pass to be consumed with something else :)


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