Thursday, October 4, 2012

Progress on the Boys' Room

Quick update--yes, we're in our new bedroom:) and no, we're not done with the reno:( It's all good though. It's been amazing having this extra space to hang out in. I find myself going to our room whenever I have some time on my hands. It's been SO fun hanging out on our bed, all four of us lounging while reading books, watching a YouTube video, or just being silly together. It's been such a blessing and I'll share some pics with you guys when we have it more together. (I think you're gonna like it;)) But anyway, I wanted to show you what our current project is: the boys' room (aka our old bedroom). When Mitch moved all our furniture out, there was dust and cobwebs and overall nastiness everywhere so we scrubbed the walls down, patched some holes in the walls, vacuumed thoroughly, and painted. We still need to shampoo the carpet and paint the trim. Oh and down the road, we'd like to do something fun to the ceiling (kinda like Ry's room), so we're leaving the crown off until we decide. (We have a couple ideas in our head, but obviously no time to complete another major project right now.) So here are some pics so you can see the progress yourselves:)


The ceiling fan will be replaced by a cool DIY project...stay tuned;)

Here's Mitch enthusiastically showing off the wall.

And saying hi to everyone:) He's SO excited to begin painting...ha!

And some afters:

I chose Livelihood, a True Value paint color. I was going to have the paint guy match the True Value paint to Ben Moore's Ashwood (here is my inspiration room painted in BM Ashwood), but after my little episode with mixing paint brands, etc, I decided to just go with a True Value color that was very similar to the BM color I wanted. It's a barely-there color, which I'm totally into right now. Mitch wasn't (and probably still isn't) sure about it, but I assured him that we'll spice things up on the walls with some fun pieces and cool art. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to splash all your color on the walls, but you can accessorize with color, that way it's a lower commitment and you can just swap out your accessories rather than paint an entire room when you're sick of a certain hue.

Here's a close up (even though it's kinda shadowy here) of the paint color. We used an eggshell finish that has a nice sheen to it. (It makes the trim look really flat--but don't worry, that's getting a fresh coat.) The color has a green undertone to it that I think will look really nice in the boys' room. We were both sick of the dark walls and wanted to lighten things up, so I think we achieved that goal.


I'm excited to start decorating in here! I'm going to have a vintage camp theme. I use the term "theme" very loosely since I'm not a big match-y kinda girl. I like to go with what I like, mixing styles to make it uniquely mine, or in this case, the boys'. 

So hopefully the boys will be in their new room this weekend. We still need to pick up the mattresses and box springs from my brother. (He was super nice and picked them up for me--they're a Craigslist find that would have taken us over an hour to get to, but he's only 15 minutes away so he reluctantly picked them up for me--thanks, Chris!) So we'll keep pluggin' away over here and I'll pop in from time to time to give you guys updates. Thanks so much for following along! This is the exciting yet exhausting part when things are finally all coming together. (Doesn't help matters that I only have 4 more weeks till baby gets here!!) Exciting days ahead, for sure!


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