Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Just Couldn't Resist

Check out what I stumbled upon at the ReStore the other day.

I just couldn't leave them there. I couldn't. They were like that sad little puppy in the pet store begging you with her droopy blood-shot eyes to take her home and give her some love. Who am I to deny a second chance at life? I mean really.

Aren't they awesome? They're old, which totally adds to the "need-them factor." Usually I talk purchases over with Mitch but I had to go with my gut on this one. I knew I'd kick myself a million and one times if I would have left them there. (Plus I sorta knew Mitch would think I were crazy had I asked to get them:/) 

Where are they going, you ask? (Don't kill me) Possibly the kitchen. Yes, in place of our new green barn lights. Am I crazy? We finally finish something then I stumble across the PERFECT lights. I don't know...maybe we'll stick them somewhere else but I knew I needed them. Plus, people, they were only $20 each. Seriously, guys. They remind me of Joan's lights above her kitchen island, but with more of an industrial feel. 

So have you bought something recently that you totally didn't need but couldn't live without? Can I get one "amen" from the audience? (or am I the only out-of-my-mind one out there?)


  1. I SO know what you are talking about. We had bunk beds arrive today for the boys' room so of course I found the perfect vintage spindle bed on Craig's List TODAY . . . Is it too much to ask to have both?

  2. LOVE THEM!!! Above an island would be my choice too. :-) Great find!!

  3. There is no way you could have left them there. $20?!?!? And they are something that is easy to fit in the car...done and done, great decision to buy them. You would have been regretting it forever otherwise!

  4. You could NOT have left those there. I thought of the same kitchen as you did the second I saw them. Great find. If it were me and I left those there (who am I kidding that would have never happened) it would have eaten me alive!!! I check my ReStore almost everyday looking for lights just like these - so I am keeping the faith it will happen for me! I am jumping up and down on your behalf - wait you should jump up and down too...come out Baby H ;)

  5. Oh man those are some good ones. You can always put them over the island and switch back and forth? Or maybe hang over a vanity, it wouldn't be the best for of lighting but it would look cool.

  6. Love them!! Great find! You totally couldn't leave those behind.

  7. Great find. I wouldn't have left them there either.. even though I have no spot for them!

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