Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Orange Ya Glad??

I must say at the outskirt of this post that I was definitely worried when I posted on Facebook that the paint color with the most votes will be used on our back door project. Not only that, but I was a wee bit skeptical when you all chose a reddish orange color to grace said door. (Okay, I was totally biting my nails.) That was one of the colors I just grabbed and said, "Eh...what the heck, just for fun let's see if anyone likes it." And lo and behold it became the #1 choice. But now that it's on the door, I must admit I like it. You guys are pretty dang good:)

It's not an in-your-face I'm-on-my-way-to-go-hunting orange, it's deeper and more substantial. 

And those who follow MLST on FB saw a couple weeks ago that I mentioned spotting the perfect pair of planters on Craigslist. Well here they are flanking the back door. We needed something to make an impact so people know which door to go to when they come to our house. (The other door is a sliding door on our deck that leads into the kitchen.) This one goes right into the mudroom.

Here was the picture on Craigslist of the "planters". The lady posting the ad had no idea what these were. All I could see where two awesome-looking galvanized planters waiting for me. I talked the seller down to $15 for both--which I think is pretty fabulous. Planters aren't cheap. Even this time of year. Plus, how cool are these? (If anyone knows what these things were in their former life, I'd love to know.)

Isn't this squatty blue-ish green pumpkin so stinkin' cute?

I love how our oil rubbed bronze hardware really stands out against the orange. It's a match made in hardware heaven.

Of course we couldn't just paint the door. Nope, that'd be way too easy. Mitch added trim around the frame since the previous one was pretty dinky. And check out our lights:)

Previous trim=bleh.

So that's it--our updated back door all decked out for fall! 

And of course I'm always thinking about how we can up the ante even more. Wouldn't this be the PERFECT icing on the cake--this cute little portico?? (I DO have something up my sleeve...if it works out, you guys will be the FIRST to know;)) 

So thanks for your overwhelming support and input in the choosing of the color of our door. I was amazed at the response. You guys rock! Oh and if you don't follow MLST on Facebook, you're missing out. Come "like" us over there and get in on the latest scoop:)

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  1. The door looks great! I was going to ask about the planters. SO angry they were a Craiglist find. They are cool!

  2. Love the door!!! The color is awesome!!!! The planters are great too.

  3. Ooo, GIRL! That looks amazing!!! Good for you for having the guts to go through with it. You must be pleased as punch. I would be!

  4. It looks fantastic! Love the boldness!

  5. Looks great! I love that shade. I'm thinking of painting our front door a similar color. Do you mind sharing the paint color?

    Love the planters and the portico idea!

    1. Thanks, Charmaine! The color is Glowing Firelight by Behr.

  6. LOVE the color! It's such a great pop of color...and those planters are awesome! :)

  7. I am so glad you went for it. This color is perfect and the beefed up trim makes a huge difference. The planters are perfect for your house.

  8. Oh WOW! That looks AH-mazing! Just yesterday I was actually playing with a picture of our house (currently with a white front door) and overlaying slabs of color there trying to figure out what would work! I think I may need to try this orange-y shade... I hadn't even gone there since I usually picture a pumpkin - or hunters orange!

    1. p.s. In theory, what would you have done if you had a screen door too? Paint it the same color? Paint it a contrasting color? Oh the decisions!

  9. Um, this color is absolutely PERFECT! Seriously .... such an awesome orange and it looks amazing on your door. Way to take a risk and go bold! :)

  10. I love this door colour!! It looks fabulous! I really like how you beefed up the trim too- it suits the door style so much. The planters are a great find too- wishing they weren't CL so I could get some. That portico idea is amazing- hoping you can add something like that although it sounds like a big job!

  11. Well, glad to meet you, sweetpea! I try to visit the one before and after me in a Linky Party but since I'm the last I'm visiting you. My mother's favorite color was orange; mine is pink. I really do live in a pink house and world. Try to pop over and visit.

  12. i love your whole new look! the beefy trim, the non hunting door, the minimalist fall look. gorgeous!

  13. Such an unexpected colour but it looks amazing!!!!

    P.S. I want my hubs to build one of those little roofy things too! It's on the list. ;)

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