Friday, September 14, 2012

Family, Projects, and the Farmer in the Dell

It may seem like the past couple weeks I've been slackin' on the blog-front here. Well, it's true, I have. BUT I feel I must explain that even if you haven't heard much from me lately, that doesn't mean we're not crankin' out the projects. So let me share what's been goin' down here at the Hertzler house.

First of all, my and the boys' schedules are a little out of whack here because of this:

Ry started kindergarten! 

We didn't find out that he was going to kindergarten until the Friday before school started. He was all registered to go to preschool but long story short, we squeezed him into kindergarten this year. (He doesn't turn 5 till next week.) He's in afternoon kindergarten so we've had to adjust our schedules a bit. We're getting the hang of it though.

He was a little apprehensive at first but it did help that Bryce and I were there, got out of the car, met his teacher, etc with him. 

Bryce even made a friend and asks about him (Noah) every day we drop off Ryder:)

Ry was a little shy upon first meeting his teacher, but was fine shortly after so Bryce and I hopped back in the car and all was well. He's loving kindergarten!

Another milestone for our family is that we're potty training Bryce.
Yeah, enough said.

Mitch and I were able to go to our first Phillies game in about five years. And they even won! Fun times:)

And as far as house stuff goes, yep, we've been staying busy.

Here's the dining room. Really the only thing left to do in here is finish the ceiling (needs sanded) and paint it (and of course the flooring--but that's pretty much an entire house project).

What's the significance of Uno and Checkers, you ask? That's what we're playing with Ryder pretty much nonstop when we're not working on a project. He's slightly obsessed. And the other one is obsessed with his Thomas puzzles. They're both really good at their obsessions:) Here's a little video of Bryce playing with his puzzle while singing a version of "The Farmer in the Dell."

Huzz, huzz, huzz...

Mitch painted the bathroom ceiling...oh wait, I think you guys knew that. 

The boys helping with a painting project.

We're pretty much done with the stairwell wall. I love how it turned out. We'll show ya step-by-step what we did and how we did it in an upcoming post.

You saw our back door painting project:) Well here's a peak inside our mudroom. Mitch made and hung the board to hang our stuff on. Love it.

Mitch tidied up our new bedroom and installed the ceiling fan. Yes, this is a CLEAN room for us. Prior to the cleaning, you literally couldn't walk in without stepping on a board, knocking over a paint can, or jumping over a pile of nails.

He also hung the star up above the tub in our bathroom:)

This is my current project. I need to touch up some of the painting, add wallpaper to the back of the inside (the blue part), and attach the doors. I'll be filling this cabinet (in our dining room) with dishes and other pretties.

Mitch installed a mail slot in our front door. Yes, I'm aware that the front of our house needs major help! Mitchell wants to add the same kind of trim around this door as he did to the one in the back. The door needs to be cleaned up a bit and refinished and of course new hardware is needed but hey, at least we got the mail slot in! I'm LOVING all the light that window lets into our living room.

And here's one of my favorite images of the summer. I'll miss hearing the mower slow down, the boys run out of the house, and join their daddy for a ride back to the barn. They love it and so do I:)

So even if I haven't been super consistent updating the blog, you can see we've been staying plenty busy! What have you guys been up to? Crossing any projects off the list? Hard to believe fall is almost upon us. I personally can't wait for cooler weather and baby Hertzler's arrival (which is Nov. 1--scheduled the c-section the other day!) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whatever you may be doing--working on projects or spending time with the ones you love...for us, it'll be a little bit of both:)


  1. You HAVE been busy. Your kids are awfully cute, and how sweet is it that they ride the mower to be put away with your husband. Once again, it reminds me how different our lives are even though we have little ones the same age. So beautiful there!

  2. You have been really busy! I love your dining room chairs and all the rustic touches in your house! I'm excited about the dining room cabinet too- love a wallpapered back!

  3. Your kids are so cute! You are so busy AND pregnant, I will be a total slug when that day comes. Can't wait to see that old front door all fixed up.

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