Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Annoying Projects

I'm quite proud of myself right now. I just completed an annoying little project. Like literally 10 minutes ago. Let me show you. Okay so when planning the colors of our bedroom and bathroom, we settled with Ben Moore Revere Pewter for the bedroom walls with BM Dragon's Breath for the trim color (to match our wardrobes.) The Revere Pewter was fine...we actually had it matched from BM to Behr's. (I really like Behr paint--it's good quality at a decent price.) We bought a couple gallons to cover our bedroom and all was well. BUT the Dragon's Breath was a completely different story. We originally bought it in Ben Moore's line, then when we were running low, went to Home Depot and had it "matched" to Behr. Failure. The colors weren't even close. Let me show ya.

Not cool. So today I repainted all the trim in the bed and bathroom to match the right Dragon's Breath color. Annoying but necessary and now done. BAM.

Here's a side-by-side comparison. It's not a huge deal but it would have driven me crazy had I left it.


And the same thing happened in the dining room. Monday I was on a roll and decided to get some more annoying painting done--we had rolled the walls with Behr's Swiss Coffee (a delicious creamy white color) and Mitch painted the ceiling with BM ceiling paint. All that needed to be done was the tops of the walls (with the Swiss Coffee). Well what I thought was the right Swiss Coffee ended up being the wrong one:( I forgot that we had the Behr Swiss Coffee matched to Ben Moore paint. So the same thing happened--completely different color. (If you look real hard, you can see the difference.)

It's no wonder I got things confused. This is all the Swiss Coffee paint we have. Four different cans and two different finishes (semi-gloss and eggshell). I used the little can and should have used the Ben Moore gallon. Ugh.


So the moral of the story: don't mix brands!

I still have to touch up the dining room but at least the bedroom and bathroom are done. Oh and I wanted to show you guys an update on the bedroom floor. Mitch started laying the vinyl planks on Mon. and is planning on getting a bunch done this evening. But here's the progress. I'm loving how they're looking!

I love that they're vinyl (i.e. easy to install) yet still have a nice texture to them. This was pretty much the only route we could go since the flooring is going right on top of concrete (remember--this used to be a garage!) It's such an economical choice too. The planks were only .79 cent/sq ft. A nice jute rug will sit on top of this part of the room (under the bed) for even more texture. 

Can't wait to show you more!

Have you completed an annoying project of your own lately? Or maybe you have one looming over your head still? I want to hear about it! Maybe together we can knock off the annoying projects that need to get done:)


  1. Those floors are looking great. I did the same vinyl planks in my dressing room and they were very easy, cheap, and good looking!

  2. The paint and floors look awesome!!! Great job!!! We are in LIMBO right now. We rent, my husbands job of almost 18 years is going out of business. We want to relocate, to Oregon. SO we are just hanging here, until a job opens. :-) God is good, all the time. HE has a plan, we just wait on Him. :-D

  3. I painted the spare room a couple of years ago. I was just about finished when I ran out of paint. So I took my can with me to the very same store where I bought it originally and asked for the exact same thing. The lady hooked me up and off I went. That night I began to finish the walls. At 11 p.m. that night I realized that the finish was different than the original paint. So half my walls were shiny and half were not. But in the meantime I had touched up here and there and so I basically repainted THE.WHOLE.ROOM. again.

    I love the vinyl floor planks. We did a ceramic tile-looking floor on the whole main floor of our house. 2 dogs and an outdoorsy husband makes carpet a bad deal. I love that I can just vacuum it all up.

    1. Oh my word!! That would be horrible! I can just see it now--patches of shiny paint all over the place...sheesh!

  4. I should have said ceramic tile-looking linoleum.

  5. That's the worst!! Repainting has got to be the most annoying... especially when you've already done 3+ coats! We actually had a similar annoying project just a few days ago. We have been trying to get our hall bathroom finished, painted the whole thing a nice, light blue... then used painter's tape to cover up the edges while we painted the crown molding bright white... went to take up the tape, and it took a big whole line off of the blue paint... Learned a lesson, never to buy the cheap painter's tape, always go with the more expensive, because it'll be worth it in the end! Also, love the look of that vinyl flooring!! W

    1. We ran into the same problem with cheap painter's tape...yes, VERY annoying indeed!

  6. Those floors look fantastic! Cant wait to see the whole thing done :)

  7. I LOATHE repainting so I am sure that was awful. At least it is done now!

    That vinyl floor looks amazing!! Good choice!

  8. That painting mess is a tough one. I am pretty OCD about finishing projects but I don't think I would be able to fix that, but you'll be fine isn't that called nesting? ha. Do you ever use Sherwin Williams paint? They have sales pretty regularly for 30%-40% off and I am pretty sure that you can go ahead and buy the paint during the sale and go back later and get it tinted when you need it. It works out to be the cost of some cheaper paints. Floors look great!

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