Wednesday, August 22, 2012


As promised, here's a tour of the antique store, The Milkhouse (check out their FB page here), that Mitch and I visited while on our getaway weekend a few weekends ago. We saw lots of awesome things and I got lots of ideas and inspiration and we even brought home a souvenir to remind us of our fun weekend away. 

I really wanted to snag one of these orbs to make into a light. Wouldn't this make the perfect pendant over an island, dining room table, bathroom, bedroom...okay, really anywhere in your home??

I kept seeing things that I wanted to repurpose into lighting fixtures...including this metal bucket here. What a fun industrial spin this would add to any room!

Here's another item I could totally see turning into a light. It'd be a semi-flush mount and the scattered light from those holes would look so cool on the ceiling.

Okay, I'm done with lights now:) On to other cool things we saw like this sink.

Collection of vintage clocks (and striped suitcase!) makes my heart go pitter-patter:)


I was really trying to justify purchasing this basket. Its shape and size were unique but I really don't need yet another basket in my home. Can't you see it in the bathroom filled with rolls of tp or even under a table in your entry? Love it.


A Philadelphia classic--Breyers Ice Cream sign. (My fave brand!)

In a little girl's room...

In a little boy's room:)



I have no idea what this round metal thing was, but I liked it.

They even had a garden section.

This bird print is the same as the collection we DIYed in our living room. And Mitch found probably the most unique piece of the day--a boar's head. Might be awesome to Not so much;)


And I found prints that resembled Audubon ones. They would be really cool grouped in a gallery wall. Here's the local artist if you're interested in finding out more about the prints.


And lastly, this piece of slate chalkboard. It got us excited about our chalkboard project in the near future!

And the one thing we bought as a memento from our trip--

This vintage "No Admittance Apply at Office" sign. Perfect spot for it on our antique Dutch door:)

Have you been antiquing lately? Pick up anything fun/interesting? I wanna hear about it!


  1. This is my favorite store in the world. Love to go here. I am kicking around the idea of opening a stand there. Wish that stupid fear would move aside.

    1. Do it! That would be so cool:) I know what you mean about fear...I have dreams floating around in my head too that I wish I would just act upon! One of these days... ;)

  2. What a fun little shop. My favorite items, the sign you bought, the TELEPHONE sign, Wrigley's and Breyer's signs, the light bulb with the wire cage around it. I also love the picture with the red birds and the veggies picture. LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage clocks. We have one on our night stand. ;-) We used to have two of the old suitcases. When my daughter was a teen *she is 32 now* that is all she used when going away from home. If she spent the night with her friends, she used her *old man* suitcase, as she called it. She had stickers all over it *not authentic* from other countries/places i.e. Paris, London etc. Your souvenir is awesome Kat. What a great addition to your new door. :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I love the orb! Get it! :) The sign you got is perfect!


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