Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Sneak Peek

I'm kinda lovin' our "new" blue couch. The dark color brings a whole new dimension to the living room (our previous couch was tan) and it's an extremely comfy place to sit. It's a really well made couch. Remember where I got this thing? It was along the side of the road for sale:/ I bought it for $30 and just recently had it professionally deep cleaned. It's good to go!

I'm also lovin' my new Imperial Trellis pillow that I got on major clearance from Windows by Melissa. Doesn't it look great against the navy blue couch?

I told Mitch the other day that I'm thinking we need something with height in our living room. All of our furniture is low profile. So I'm thinking about doing a makeover on a bookcase that we have downstairs and putting it to the right of the couch (in place of the end table). Who knows...

Hopefully sometime soon I'll show off the rest of the living room. That nasty carpet will be ripped out soon enough!


  1. Very nice! The blue looks great with the citrine pillow!

  2. That looks so bright and inviting Kat. LOVE that couch. It really turned out great. That pillow is AWESOME. What about a tall lamp to the left of the couch. That ginger jar lamp, LOVE!!! It ties in with that pillow. Your living room is looking awesome. I can't wait to move, makeover my living room. We are in desperate need of a new couch. The one we have now was new in 1995, have a tan couch cover on it now. :-P Thanks for sharing your pretty living room. Progress, right??? :-)

  3. No way!!! You got that couch for $30??!! Why can't I ever find a deal like that, lol :) By the way, love your new pillow!

  4. Looks great, Kat! $30! You can't beat that.


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