Friday, July 20, 2012

Shopping Around the Island

I'm wrapping things up here from my trip to Block Island, RI today with some pictures of shops around the island. Tamara and I pretty much stayed right in the "shopping district" of the island since we didn't have any mode of transportation to take us around for further touring. I would recommend getting some sort of transportation if you do visit Block (or Martha's Vineyard). They are small islands, but just big enough to make walking impractical. There were a couple lighthouses that I would have loved to have seen, but again, they were just too far to walk to. You can bring your car along on the ferry for a fee and there are mopeds and bikes you can rent on the island, but since we had a limited budget, those really weren't options for us. But anyway, here are some shots from some of the stores we went into.

This was my favorite of all the shops. They had such cute stuff--from clothes to home goods to lighting and various other knickknack-type souvenirs.

Here's a basket holding colorful Dash and Albert rugs.

Loved these pendants.

How fun would these pillows be in a little boy's room?

These pillows were hand dyed by a couple of ladies now living in China (one of them used to work in this shop.)

Cool driftwood framed mirrors.

I mentioned that the island had an abundance of flowers everywhere. I snapped this picture of a unique-looking Black-eyed Susan. Have you ever seen this variety before?

In another shop, there were a bunch of driftwood signs...they gave me some ideas of what to do with my piece of driftwood:)

I loved these little practical.

Here is another pendant that caught my eye. This was made out of real wood. Cool, isn't it?

I wanted to take this whale platter home with me but was too afraid to look at the price tag. I have a thing for whales but not hefty price tags;)

Some glass fishnet floats at an antique store on the island. A collection of these (and colored) floats as a centerpiece on a dining room table would look gorgeous. Can't you see it--all lying in a huge wooden dough bowl? 

The antique store had these colorful goblets there as well. They reminded me of a post Camille did last week about the July issue of House Beautiful.

Can't you see those goblets right at home here in this cabinet?

And to finish up the tour--I couldn't resist taking a shot of this classic riding down the street. day I will own a classic car or truck.

So there ya have it--my New England mini-vacay. If you've never been up North, you should totally take a trip some time. Just driving through Connecticut was so inspiring. One day (probably when we're retired) I want to just drive around visiting antique shops and eating seafood up there. Ahh...that'd be the life!


  1. Love those signs! Can't wait to see what you do with your driftwood.

  2. wow, those are some amazing finds! Love all the stuff you captured in photos...I love finding those perfect little stores in the perfect little towns.


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