Friday, July 27, 2012

Chippin' Away

Well a lot has happened around here this week. A lot of little things were finished; things that we weren't quite sure how to do ourselves. So let me just show you what all I'm talking about. First, all of our interior doors were hanged. They were sitting around for months in our new bathroom waiting for installation day. And since we were using all antique doors, none of them were pre-hung, making this job quite the task. So we hired someone to do it. And they did the job right. If you're local and you're looking for some home improvement help, check out All Star Home Improvements. They did a great job and they're really nice guys (two of them actually play on Mitch's hockey team!)

This is our entry closet with a solid (I think it's pine) door that we purchased at the ReStore (check our their FB page) painted BM Dragon's Breath. I just love how this little area turned out. I seriously couldn't be more pleased.

This is our bedroom door, again painted Dragon's Breath. The only way to lock this door is with that skeleton key and you can lock it both from the interior as well as exterior. That could be dangerous (we'll definitely have to get a few more keys to keep on hand) but this week it's proven very helpful since I can lock the door to keep the boys out of the room that has all the tools, trim, etc in it. This door is from the same house that we got our barn door from--it's an exact copy just on a smaller scale.

I was excited about all of my "new" doors, but this one especially. If you follow Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees on FB, this was the "surprise" I was talking about: our Dutch door. You can read more about this door (as well as some of the others used) here. This was my neighbor's former front door that they put out on the side of the road with a free sign on it. So glad I snatched it up that day! I wanted to make it into a Dutch door from the very beginning. It worked! The guys cut it in half and added the ledge to beef it up a bit. I now have a Dutch door in my dining area/leading down to the family room:) The hole in the bottom half of the door is for a mail slot. So I'm on the lookout for one of those. (Found one on Craigslist this week that I may look into.)

Both Mitch and I love that the top half of this door is made of glass, allowing lots of natural light from the opposite wall window to pour into the stairwell. (And if you're observant, you would have noticed the stairwell wall all finished but waiting for some paint;) I'll do a post on that part soon!)

Some of the other little annoying things that were completed this week: trim work. Here are our new casement windows and sliding door all trimmed out and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

In between the cabinets, crown was added to finish off this space. 

And in our back hallway, crown was added as well as some trim pieces making this area seamless. When our cabinetmaker installed our pantry and fridge cabinets, they didn't line up exactly with the walls so we just had some trim pieces (that need to be painted) put on to make it all flow better.

Trim added to the back door.

This is a weird shot--it's of the attic door that's in the ceiling. Trim was added around the door for a more polished look. Of course all this needs a coat of paint to finish it off. And we should probably get some sort of hardware instead of a random piece of rope hanging down;)

Another door I'm so excited about: our "new" front door. This was another purchase from the ReStore. Have I ever told you how much I love that place? This door is solid oak and the details on it are just gorgeous. I can't even begin to imagine how much something like this would cost if it were made today. Of course it needs some attention, i.e. a mail slot, a good cleaning, and perhaps even new stain and seal job. But at least it's in! Our old door was a steel one with no windows so having this new one here, there's so much more light in our living room! I absolutely love it.

And here's an outside shot. Again, work needs to be done with the surrounding trim for sure but I just love the warm patina this old doors brings.

Okay, I'm going to end here since I've given you a lot to look at. Isn't progress exciting? Stay tuned for more completed projects in the near future!


  1. WOAH, Kat! The devil is in the details, huh? LOOKS AMAZING. I love those doors!

  2. I am loving that dutch door. Such an awesome detail and so fun too! That front door is amazing too, that wood grain is amazing. I am getting so excited to see the finished house, I'm gonna have to come up there and see it in person.

  3. I know firsthand how great it feels to finish things off with trim- it's life changing! All the doors are gorgeous as well.

  4. Your trim and doors look AMAZING! Trim makes such a big difference :). And, yes, progress is super exciting.

  5. Wow, I don't know which door I like best. They are all amazing! I also love the BM paint you used.

  6. So impressed with everything you've done and I LOVE your front door. Just gorgeous! Also, way to go getting a practically free dutch door. It looks great!


    PS: Check out the fabric in my chairs in our kitchen remodel:

    1. Wow, love your kitchen remodel, Lane! What a classic look. And great taste in fabric;)

  7. Oh My Goodness!!! Everything Looks Amazing! Your house is beautiful!!!
    We've been looking for a door we can chop in half forever!!! I love the door to your basement!!
    I definitely a new follower! Lots of Love


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