Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catch My Drift(wood)?

So...did I find some driftwood while on Block Island, you ask? 

Why yes. Yes, I did.

There was driftwood everywhere! I LOVED this stump/tree root thing, but didn't think it would have been appropriate to lug back on the ferry with us.

So a picture of myself sitting on it will have to do.


There were pieces of all different shapes and sizes.

 It was really hard to resist this beam...I mean seriously, how cool would this look somewhere/anywhere in your house?

Close up of a bolt in said beam. My knees just gave out right there...
Character, people! Character!

Gnarly piece would look cool up on a wall or inside a fireplace as art.

And the smooth and round. That was actually one souvenir I brought back for the boys--a nice smooth rock for them to chuck inside the house...what was I thinking??  (Bryce already has done that.) I love collecting natural souvenirs from places I've sea shells, sand, rocks, logs, sticks, obviously now driftwood. It just brings a smile to my face when I see that item around my home and makes me think of that specific trip. It's fun. You should totally try it sometime.

Oh and here's a belly shot so you guys know I actually am pregnant. (Ugh...hate preggo shots of myself so this will prob be the only one you get!)

Oh and one more shot of me and my excited self finding a sweet little board that I'll do something cool to...who knows what. Maybe a sign or put some hooks on it for the boys to hang up their coats on or something. Yeah, I know. I'm a dork.

And the project I have in mind for all the driftwood is this:

A driftwood mirror:) So far the driftwood is just lying on top of the mirror's frame. I have yet to attach it. I'm thinking of using a nail gun, but we'll see. So I'll keep you guys posted on that project.

And I promised some food shots yesterday so here are a couple from the lunch we had on Block Island. Yeah, I went all out and ordered tuna salad (!) on a bed of lettuce. How so very exciting of me.

But it was super good and we were told it came fresh from the seafood market right next door. So it wasn't your average Chicken of the Sea tuna salad.

Tamara's choice was a little more exciting...a fish sandwich. It was so pretty and delightful looking that I took two pics of it...lucky you.

So I never did get my clam chowder I was hoping to get. Probably 'cause I didn't feel like eating soup when it was like 95 degrees outside. Oh well...that'll be for the next New England trip;)

Tomorrow I'll highlight some of the shops around the won't want to miss it!


  1. Wonderful! Drift wood is so beautiful, cool and calm looking. Love the mirror idea!

  2. Makes me wish I went now! You take great pictures by the way...
    Imagine living in Rhode Island and never going to Block Island...
    lol...that's me! I'll just have to pack it up and get there...

  3. Holy moly at all the driftwood. I bet that beam was hard to pass up, I wonder where it came from. And that little stool of wood would have to be coming home with me! Can't wait to see what all you make. Oh and I love the pics of you, looking good!

  4. Judi I live in RI and I know lots of locals who have never been so don't feel bad. We are headed to the beach tomorrow. I love my little state!


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