Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Block Island

My New England trip was pretty much awesome. Between the sights, the food, and the company, I had a great time. There's just something about New England...ahh...love it. On Sunday, my friend Tamara and I sailed over to Block Island, RI on a ferry. It was your typical NE town...just surrounded by water, so it was extra special:) Here are some shots from around the island.

I loved that this house looks perfectly staged for a photo shoot with the door opened, inviting you inside. 

This guy had the right idea--he was napping on a hammock on that gorgeous porch.

Loved this shot too...another perfect thing to do on an island--sit back and relax on some Adirondack chairs perhaps with a lemonade in one hand. And isn't that bottle "fence" too cute?

There were flowers everywhere:)

I mentioned before I left that I was hoping to find some driftwood for a project I have in mind. Well come back tomorrow--I'll let you know if I found any;) And I'll have some more pics from around the island...including some yummy food shots.

More on Block Island here and here.


  1. I have never been up there, but it looks so beautiful. Might have to add it to my "must see" places. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you found some driftwood. Can't wait to see what you do with it (if so).

  2. Hi, I'm new to your blog, having come over some time ago from YHL. Love everything! One of our favorite places of all in the world is New England, most especially Vermont. With it's rolling hills, green vistas, farms, quaint towns (love, love Woodstock, VT), crisp, cool air and all the woodworking/art/pottery/craft fairs there, it's wonderful! One question----for some reason, when I try to scroll down and read through your posts, it is "hurky-jerky" in the way it moves. Do you know what the problem may be? Thanks, Karen L. (used to live in West Chester, Pa and now we're in Williamsburg, VA)

  3. Oh those pictures are gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful! I love the look of New England. Especially all of those gray houses!

  5. So charming, everything looks just like a movie! I think AL/FL have the prettiest beaches and oceans but they don't have the charm. That bouy (?) shot would make a great print to hang on the wall.


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