Monday, July 2, 2012

Antique Beds

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I found the perfect pair of twin-sized beds on Craigslist for the boys' new room. Actually I had found the perfect pair a few days earlier (spindle beds) but waited too long to contact the seller and before I knew it, they were expired:( So I searched for several days hoping to find something that was matching and also antique. But they couldn't just be any antique bed. They had to be antique but also be able to fit a modern-sized mattress. Antique beds are usually this in-between size that's larger than a twin but smaller than a full. So it's pretty impossible to find a mattress/boxspring to fit it unless those are antique as well. So anyway, after contacting the seller (I was the first one to contact her--yay!) she told me that the beds she was selling were true twins. They belonged to her mother-in-law back in the day. And she only wanted $100 for the pair! So we drove an hour away and picked them up last evening. I love 'em:)

(Ignore the other random crap scattered around. This is my desk area, aka dumping ground, for stuff waiting to be used in our new renovated space.)

They're beautifully stained solid wood beds. Not sure of the wood (wish I knew all the different specimens out there) but they're a gorgeous color. And before you ask--no, I'm not going to paint these puppies! Maybe a couple years ago I would have slathered some color on them, but not now. We're going to enjoy them as they were made--beautifully stained wood.

So now my wheels are spinning with ideas of what direction I want to go in the boys' room. I'm super excited about this new project. And while it may take a while (we have a long to-do list), I'm going to enjoy pinning away, perusing thrift stores, and gaining inspiration from all around for their room. Eek! I'm excited:) Can you tell?? So here are some rooms I pinned that have matching twin beds in them. (Sorry if you follow me on Pinterest--some of these I just pinned today, while others have been stored away for a while.)

This picture is what popped into my head the minute I saw the ad for the beds on Craigslist. They're a similar style and I just love how this room looks. We thought about doing bunks in their room, and Mitch was even going to make some built-in ones (or try to;)) but I kept coming back to the look of two twin beds in a room. That look won out.

I've had this image saved for quite some time--it's been saved on my computer long before Pinterest was ever around. Love the masculine look in here. And how fun are those beds!

Just pinned this one today. Isn't the stained wood gorgeous? Ahh...can't get enough.

This will more than likely be the set-up we're going to go with in the boys' room--the two beds on either side of a dresser. And just like this picture, the dresser will be nestled right under a window.

Natural elements...lovely.

Source: via Kat on Pinterest

The color scheme will more than likely be navy, grays, with pops of orange here and there. I want to keep it somewhat calmed--we're not painting the walls orange, sorry! This is just enough pop of color, I think.

Source: via Kat on Pinterest

And I had to throw these adorable sheets in here--they're so cute I wanna eat 'em up! Seriously, aren't they precious?

So there ya go--some of the inspiration for my boys' room. Can't wait to get crackin' in there! We just need to get a few other things done first: the bathroom, our bedroom, dining room, mudroom, stairwell...the list goes on and on. So yeah, don't hold your breath on this project just yet;)


  1. I love all those inspiration rooms! Great score

  2. Great find with those bed frames! Gorgeous! And I love your inspiration ideas... Especially the first pic with the light blue walls and red curtains.. Such a classy way to approach a child's room, I love everything about it!

  3. loving the inspiration! can't wait to see what you do!

  4. So glad you got the beds! Growing up one of my guy friends had 2 twin beds in his room and it was so charming. I am sure the boys will make many happy memories in their new room!

  5. Hey Kat, I hope you'll excuse my absense. I guess about now you're enjoying a kid-free weekend in NE? Yay for that! Eat it up!

    Love these beds and love that you want to keep their original state. I'm doing a little girls' room right now with vintage twin beds that fit that exact floor plan you want to do. On either side of the window with a dresser between. So cute!

    Can't wait to see them in action. Also, they remind me so much of this photo:

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