Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stuff and Things

I must tell you a little story for you to understand the origin of this blog title. So grab a cup o' joe and sit down. Mitch and I had a former Sunday school teacher who would add the words "stuff and things" to the ends of pretty much every sentence he'd speak. For example, he'd say something like this: "Jesus loves you and stuff." or "God created the world and things." "We must be kind to people and stuff and things." There was this one time when he literally said "stuff and things, and things and stuff" like three times at the end of one sentence. If you know me, you know it was very hard for me to keep a straight face. There was no way I could even glance Mitch's way otherwise I'd be dying laughing. The poor guy--I guess he never even realized he was saying it. Kinda like how we used to use "like" 17 times while describing our latest crush in 7th grade...you don't even realize it until someone points it out. And shoot, who's gonna point it out to your adult Sunday school teacher? Not me. No thanks, I'd rather laugh at him (behind his back, of course.) So anyway, now that you understand the title--this post really has no point, kinda like that verbal baggage at the end of every.sentence.our teacher.spoke. Just random "stuff and things" today.

So the first "thing" on the list: strawberries. Mmm...just picked some this morning. Is there really anything better than fresh-picked berries? Seriously.

There were plenty for snacking.

And even more for other stuff and things.

Like jam:)

Now this was only my second time making jam, this time being the first "unsupervised" experience. So it might not look quite right. But it sure tastes fine. And by "fine" I mean fine. But does anyone know why all the fruit went to the top of the jar? That's annoying.

And I want to make this cake. My parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow to celebrate my Dad's retirement (yay!) and I thought I'd make it then. I'll keep ya posted.

Source: bhg.com via Kat on Pinterest

Okay second "thing:" this barn beam.

We're so excited about this beam. We've been looking for one (actually hoping to score a free/cheap one) for a while now. We went out on Sat and searched through a bunch of beams before settling on this one that's from a barn built in the 1800s. It's going between our kitchen and dining area where that "line" is. Can't ya picture a sweet old beam there? Yeah, baby.

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah. Gotta tell ya, but I'm sure a lot of you already know, I'm preggers. Today I'm 18 weeks along. I waited a while to share just 'cause of what happened last time and honestly I'm scared. Things are just different this time around--I'm not gaining the weight that I did in previous pregnancies (guess I should be happy about that one) and I'm not allowing myself to get too excited just yet. I did hear the heartbeat at 13 weeks and that was an emotional/relieving experience. We have an ultrasound in a couple weeks and I think/hope I'll feel better about everything then. So...um...stuff and things...and things and stuff. I think that's about all the randomness I need to share. I'm having a friend from high school over tonight for dinner:) On the menu: salmon on the grill, and I'm hoping to pick up some veggies from a produce stand I can throw on there as well, a nice salad, and strawberries and ice cream for dessert. I'm kicking the boys out and it's just girl time tonight. Can't wait. Now to get this house cleaned up...


  1. The fruit always goes to the top of my jars when I make jam too. I think that is just what happens. Give it a good stir when you open the jar and you will be good to go. Congrats on the new little one on the way! (I do periodically ask Faye how you are doing) Praying for peace of mind for you.

  2. I would have lost it if I had to hear stuff and thing 3 different ways. ha. That beam is going to be so sweet. I can't say I'm jealous of the person who has to put it up. Lucky for you and the baby that isn't you!!

  3. Wow, your strawberries look delicious and so does the jam you made and that cake has me drooling! I love strawberries. I am so excited about the beam going up in your kitchen, it is going to be fabulous. I can't wait to see the end result. Congratulations on your pregnancy and enjoy dinner tonight, it sounds delicious.

  4. Hi there, I saw your son's room on yhl and am currently reading through your blog. Love your blog and can't wait to see the finished kitchen! And congrats on your pregnancy! :)


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