Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out of the Blue

Don't you just love random, out of the blue gifts? Mitch surprised me yesterday with this little guy.

Ever since I saw a giveaway for an enamel sign on a regular blog I read, I couldn't get the thought of one out of my head. (Here's the FB page for Ramsign) I just love numbered signs/items in a home. It's cool. Don't know why but it is. So I mentioned it to Mitch in passing and he surprised me with a vintage one! Not sure from which decade this little guy came, but it did travel across the pond somewhere. And I love it. Random number 133. It's sitting on our kitchen counter currently until I find the "spot" for it, although it'll probably be somewhere in the kitchen--love that look. Anyway, just thought I'd show ya the latest token of Mitch's love;) (are you gagging yet?)

Wish me luck--I'm throwing together a yard sale for Sat. and my house is a wreck with boxes and stashes of stuff everywhere. Hoping to get rid of it all!


  1. That was such a sweet gift auh - and so thoughtful - auh. I am really digging on that little whale too - so cute!

  2. Super cute! And good luck! Guh, wish I had the motivation to throw a yard sale!

  3. I hope you properly 'thanked' Mitch for that gift...

  4. Out of the blue tokens of affection are the best! Whenever Eric does something sweet like that for me I always write the date and a little description on the back. I think it is so cool to find things labeled from years ago and hope my kids/grandkids think the same one day.


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