Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Free Barn Wood

I received a message yesterday from a friend (she saw the ad on Craigslist) about a barn being torn down not far from where we live and that there was free wood, posts, etc that you could help yourself to. Of course I sent the ad to Mitch right away telling him to call this guy immediately to get more info/directions as to where this barn was located. We've learned the hard way not to waste a minute when something's free on Craigslist. So Mitch went over with a couple of friends and they collected some boards from an old barn. When they got there, the barn was already mostly picked over but they were able to salvage some stuff.

We've been wanting to put barn wood on the walls of our stairwell and have been searching on Craigslist, going to auctions, and asking friends (who might have connections) almost constantly for boards. While Mitch wasn't able to get enough for our stairwell project, he did manage to get some wood--maybe enough to cover the ceiling in the stairwell.

I was pretty excited when Mitch pulled in the driveway and I saw what was on top of the pile. I didn't want to get my hopes up too high, so I asked Mitch, "What is that?" To which he replied (making my wish come true), "Slate!" They saw this huge piece of slate from an old chalkboard in the barn and Mitch said right away, "Oh man, I need to get that for my wife--she'd love it." (I'm so glad he knows my taste!) I've been wanting a chalkboard for in our dining room ever since about two years ago when I saw an authentic school slate chalkboard at a local thrift store. They wanted too much for it, but I always wished I had gotten it since it was such a cool statement piece. I didn't want to have to go the fake route if I didn't have to--those fake chalkboards just don't cut it, and I've never used chalkboard paint before, but again, wanted the real deal. Well fast forward a couple years, and sha-bam, we have our own HUGE chalkboard! We're going to have to cut it to size to fit on our wall, but I just love it! All our patience paid off:) Mitch will make a frame for it and I can just see Ry and Bryce practicing their letters on it.

Another super cool thing Mitch found were these barn door hardware pieces. You know I have big plans for these puppies! I have another door project up my sleeve (once we get everything else done!)

Aren't they cool? 

So yesterday was a pretty successful day around here...now we just gotta get things cleaned up and put to use. Have you ever found something that was free and cool on Craigslist? 


  1. So glad that you had some success! :)


  2. Free stuff is always good. Free barn stuff.....priceless.

  3. Nothing is better than free, especially when it is from an old barn! How cool is that piece of slate, I am sure you are going to be the only person to have a real chalkboard.

  4. You guys got some pretty sweet stuff! It has so much character. I can't wait to see all of these pieces get put to use!

    Tiffany @ The Mister and Missus


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