Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Antique Farm Table

Sorry for the crappy-quality pictures. They're from my phone and it's not an iPhone. (Yes, I just heard that gasp.) But I had to show you guys this table I saw the other day at a thrift/antique store. I'm slightly crushing on it. Saw it on Sat, went back today to get measurements and take a few pics.

It's old school. And I love it. While it won't work as a dining table, (my husband's legs wouldn't be able to fit under it...boo-hoo) I'm thinking it'd be perfect as a work table. Like in an office. I could even see it revamped as a kitchen island, can't you? (aren't those casters to die for?? I'm such a sucker for anything with casters.)

It's actually an extension table. I could have leaves made and stretch this puppy out pretty far, I'm assuming, from the added support given by that middle leg down there. And at $40, I think we belong together.

And just today I saw these three examples while viewing the latest Lonny (actually I think the first two are the same table, just different angles) of using farm tables as desks in an office space.

Source: lonnymag.com via Kat on Pinterest

Source: lonnymag.com via Kat on Pinterest

I personally love this look and I'm thinking I need this rustic table for my one-day "office space." So it's on hold for me:) I'll keep you guys posted! Have a great day:)


  1. Kat, you have to get that table. The minute I saw it I thought of this month's Lonny issue and that farm table desk. ANd, then I saw you were thinking the same thing!!! Seriously, $40?? Get it!

    1. Ha! Hey, great minds think alike! I'm going to pick it up later on today:)

  2. Yes, yes, you belong together. Oh and we're all guilty of the iphone pic. I'm putting one up soon myself!

    But back to the table. If you've already gone back to get measurements, then I think you'll regret not getting it. Go!

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