Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Spring Mantel

I got around to changing out my mantelscape the other day. That's a fun job--I "shop" around my house, trying to be creative with the things I display. Well here she is: my spring mantel.

I made this topiary out of things I already had. That's my Anthro pot that had a sad-looking oregano plant inside, so I transplanted the oregano in a pot out on my deck hoping it'll spring back to life. The green plant-like ball was something I made several years ago at Christmas time. It was a kissing ball that my sister-in-law made together. Here are the instructions to this Martha Stewart craft. Well of course, the kissing ball wasn't currently being used for anything and actually I didn't even break it out this Christmas since the ribbon that was on it was all crinkled and needed replaced. So as I was thinking of what I could use for a topiary, this puppy popped into my head. I took off the red accent berries that were on it, grabbed a stick from outside and stuck it into bottom of the styrofoam ball...viola! A topiary! The blue ginger jar I got from GW a while ago. I love that it's the only pop of color in an otherwise neutral space.

Here's the threshing basket I just picked up the other week. I knew it'd look great on my mantel! The little bird is an outside garden ornament that I brought in and stuck inside a tiny wreath. Doesn't it look like it's sitting on its nest?

The antique mirror belonged to Mitch's grandfather. I think that is the only thing that's a constant on my mantel. Gotta have a mirror up there. And there's my log that I found a few months ago while walking at the park with my boys. You think I'm crazy for having a chunk of wood on my mantel? Oh well...I guess we all have our "quirks." :)

And there's a smaller piece of wood that I found the same day. I love using natural elements in my decorating: logs, rocks, plants--they're all fair game.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Kat, I like it! I particularly like the basket and the chunk of wood. I'm loving driftwood so much these days!! Great job and have a great weekend!

  2. I love the way the mantle turned out! I also love the look of logs, driftwood on a mantle. I actually almost bought some drfitwood at Home goods today! Hmmm.... now I think I should go back and get it! :)

  3. One day I will have a mantle to decorate. Yours looks great!

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