Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And the Lighting Saga Continues...

A couple weekends ago, my buds (Lisa and Tamara) and I made a trek to my native homeland.

Road trip!

I spotted a vintage industrial pendant light on Craigslist that I needed to have and these two ladies were up for the trip so off we went to The Royal Port Antiques in Berlin, NJ. There was so much to look at there--it was a really cool place. This antique store was a huge old mill so there was lots of space for tons of goodies. I took some shots with my cell phone to give you an idea of some of the treasures we saw.

Do you see that huge corbel? Man...

Sorry for the crappy pic but they had tons of architectural salvage pieces including lots of mantels.

I'm in love with these oil paintings. 

Although these were kinda creepy...

I thought these doors would be really cool on rollers. Please enter my master suite...swoosh! Can't you picture it?

This is hard to see, but there's a cute little play tractor that my boys would LOVE.

And lights--they had lots of industrial lights. Be still my heart.

Wouldn't a couple of these look amazing over a kitchen island?

And the light that we came for--

They even had a mini version of the same light that I thought about getting, but alas, I'm running out of places to put lights.

These were the bulbs that fit in my light. They were several hundred watts! Don't think I need that much light over the dining table:) So Mitch needs to rewire my light so a normal sized bulb can fit inside. Can't wait to see it hanging above my table!

My lighting plan changed from the original plan. (that's one good thing about a long renovation--you can change your mind!) 

I bought two Hundi lamps from the Pottery Barn Outlet intending to hang one over the dining table, but then I found my sweet vintage light that's now over the sink and my plan went out the window. 

We recently bought our island pendants at Lowes and now we're going industrial all the way and this old light fits the bill. I love how all the lights in our kitchen/dining area are all different but yet very similar. So my love of unique lighting continues...but I think that might be the end of the story. Until, of course, my next antiques excursion and I find something else I totally need;) 

Oh I forgot to tell ya how much my light cost--$35:) Have you priced out vintage industrial lights recently? They're in the hundreds. So if you're in the market and semi-close to south Jersey, make the trip to The Royal Port Antiques Mill and get yourself one. They had a bunch there. The owners are super friendly too. Check them out!


  1. Woo- hoo! Great deal on the light! Well worth the drive! I also agree those doors would be beautiful in a master bedroom! I also loved the vintage sign you showed. I am always drawn to those at antique fairs.

  2. Love the light, but man those bulbs are intense. I love that first oil painting, maybe I should just come up there and buy it. I could also buy all the light fixtures, resell and fund my trip. Now that is a plan!


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