Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Philosophy

I just saw this on Pinterest and I had to share it. This is pretty much my philosophy. And this is why I do the things I do. I love thrifting not only for the trill of finding a deal, but more importantly, I love finding that unique treasure that makes a statement and/or just goes perfectly in my home. (You can read about one of my all-time best finds, a vintage jadeite Fire King dish, here.) Some people don't understand it. They call me crazy for spending hours searching. They want instant satisfaction. They want to be able to walk into Pottery Barn and see something they like and it's theirs--no matter the price. People aren't willing to look. To wait. To pass up on something that's just okay for the item that has a story, character, some history. Then there's some who want the item that has the history, the item that would look so awesome in their home, but because it's "second-handed" they're not willing to pay more than $2 for it. I seriously don't get that. What do you think antiques are? (here's a clue: antique dealers shop at Goodwill) 

My mantra: buy what you love but be patient. If you're anything like me, you're loving something new every day. I'd be in the poor house if I bought everything I loved. So be picky. Don't settle. BE PATIENT. Don't expect to furnish/decorate your living room in one shopping trip. It's the things that you collect over time that make your house uniquely yours. (I have things that I've saved since childhood currently in my home and guess what? I still love them!) And lastly, HAVE FUN with it. If YOU love it, go for it. It doesn't matter if it's not "in", or maybe it's overly "in" and everyone has a orange couch in their family room (ya never know). If you love it, it'll work. Enjoy the hunt, friends. Now go forth, score some deals, find some amazing treasures and make me proud.


  1. Love that philosophy! Me too. ;) I don't want my house filled with "mass produced" items. I love to be able to look around my rooms and know where I found every trinket. It reminds me of that day (scoring the perfect find) or a trip, etc.

  2. Me too! :) Every design decision I've made because I "have" to get something done, I've ended up not liking and redoing later. It's a much better to wait and collect over time. I know my patience has always been rewarded with something I love! :)

  3. Yep Yep. Have you seen the new issue of Country Living? The editor's little page is pretty much this. You are a genius and should be a magazine editor.


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